Monday, July 19, 2010

Is the drink pouring all over the floor?!

"Ummmm, yep, but I can't do much about it, so why don't you just keep telling me about your summer!!"

OKok, a bit of background... remember this post, where I discussed the pros and cons of the punch bowl and the "beverage dispenser"...

you know, the punch bowl (sorry, I can't for the life of me figure out where this picture came from... somewhere on the oncewed site though!):

and the "beverage dispenser":

picture from here

Well, I decided the "beverage dispenser" would be the best choice, since I was worried about the inherent spillage that comes with the punch bowls. So I went off and found myself these perfect (i.e. CHEAP) containers on ebay that I thought would work well:

PS... I totally recommend the seller... he was great, and the containers arrived really quickly, they looked great, and I know I will use them again!

So after I got the jars in the mail (and unpacked them, sending Styrofoam pellets All.Through.My.House) I proceeded to DIY 'em making labels...

I had brown cardstock in my craft supply, and some left over ribbon from my guest book table sign (stay tuned!), and since I had a font I was loving, I quickly printed off some signage. I made a couple slices in the cardstock to weave the ribbon through:

And then glued the label over top the ribbon to keep everything in place:

And tied the ribbon around the jar:

The cocktail that would go in to the containers was a drink that my hubs coined when he took a bartending course. He called it the Kjearsy Royale (incorporating his last name), and we also made a virgin drink for the non-drinkers and kidlets. The signs read:
"KJEARSY ROYALE: created by the groom in the mid-90's... yours to enjoy today!"
"VIRGIN KJEARSY: as close as it gets to the real deal... refreshing for everyone".
Cute right?!
Now, I am no dummy, I know that turning a little spigot, holding a glass, and balancing a camera, a wedding program, maybe a purse, and perhaps a plate of munchies would not necessarily be the easiest thing in the world, so I suggested to my caterer that I have a couple of my friend's daughters help out. She assured me that she would have it under control during cocktail hour, and to let ALL my guests just kick back and have fun. So... I trusted her. Well, without going in to too much detail... the caterer quite simply overestimated her capabilities for the entire evening, and needless to say, the cocktail station was NOT manned by ANYONE, and the guests were left to operate these beauties on their own. Not the end of the world right?! hahaha... well, there is a reason I don't have any pics of these guys in action.

At one point during cocktail hour (before I escaped of course!), I was chatting with one of our guests when he sort of jumped and gasped... I looked to see what he was reacting to, and there was signature cocktail pouring all over the floor. He said to me... "it looks like the end cap came off, and like the drink is pouring all over the floor?!". I smiled and nodded, and said, "Oh well, hopefully the staff will clean it up, cause I am not saving this one!!".

So, the moral of the story is two-fold: firstly, as great as the drink containers are, make sure the spigot has a safety stop on it, cause not everyone can remember the ol' "righty-tighty, lefty-loosey" bit; and secondly, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!! If you think you need to recruit someone to help (yes, even to help your paid professionals), DO IT!! Our caterer was simply NOT prepared/capable to execute all the tasks she assured me she would take care of.

It was funny though!! And I still love our containers!! The funniest part: the spigot didn't just drop to the floor... the pressure of the drink actually made it shoot out across the room... and LAND IN SOMEONE ELSE's DRINK!!! hahahaha... ok, we were lucky it didn't hit anyone in the eye... but... hahahhaha... it really was kinda hilarious!!

all pictures from personal collection, unless otherwise noted

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Mountaintop Wedding - Lonely

Alright ladies, this might make some of you uncomfortable... kinda how our cocktail hour made me feel. BUT, you know the rules around here... you only get the straight up real-deal kinda wedding stuff here!

So, a bit of background... like MANY brides, we chose to do a first look so that we could have more TIME for photos, have a later ceremony that would flow right in to cocktail hour and the reception (I mean come on, we were getting married up on a mountain, it's not like there was a lounge that our guests could go wet their tongues at in between the ceremony and reception while we got our pictures taken!), and so we could mingle at our our own cocktail hour...

WELL, my sister, the perfect big sis that she is, warned me that the cocktail hour might not go as I had envisioned... something like this:

sis: "why do you want to go to your cocktail hour?"
me: "well, you know, so I have more time to visit with our guests..."
sis: "uhhh, ya, that's what I thought, but it doesn't really happen like that!"
me: "whatcha talking about?"
sis: "well, at our cocktail hour no one even talked to me?!"
me: "but EVERYONE wants to talk to the bride?!"
sis: "all I'm sayin is be prepared to kinda feel like a 'pink elephant' that no one wants to talk to!"
me: "that's ridiculous!!"

So, after our ceremony, we went outside, took a big ol' group photo, some family photos, and then we re-assembled upstairs for cocktail hour.

SIDENOTE: We had planned on having cocktails out on the balcony, but due to the weather inconsistencies, my invisible wedding fairies some how made it happen back upstairs where the wedding had just happened?! Seriously, I don't even know how this happened, BUT, while I was outside getting a few family pictures taken, my amazing friends/families/wedding fairies dismantled the ceremony site, finished the reception set-up (ie. ceremony chairs doubled as reception chairs!!), and assembled the cocktail hour upstairs... yep, AMAZING peeps I had on my side!!

So upstairs I went... expecting to be greeted by a lineup of excited guests to talk to the bride.... although the room was abuzz with chatter, laughs, hugs, and stories, I felt like I could here a pin drop. My sister was right, it was like I wasn't even there? At one point a grabbed a great friend of mine, and side, "heh, what's the deal, how come you're not coming to get a hug from me?!", and he just had the dazed look on his face and said, "you just look too beautiful, I don't even know what to do". Um what? Ladies, I am not tooting my own horn here... this was literally his excuse for not talking to me... and this friend is a TALKER and loves to chat my ear off?! I told him to stop being ridiculous, but the point was made... I was the pink elephant in the middle of the room... only I was a bride... wearing white...

Looking at the photos, it was clear everyone was having fun...

My mom was making the rounds...

As were my girls...

Yep, and my husband was doing the mingle... But seriously... not a single picture of the bride during cocktail hour?! Not that I care about the pics, it's just the proof in the puddin. To be perfectly honest, at one point, one of my girls, JB, came up to me and said "heh, how are you doing?" to which I replied... "seriously, no one is even talking to me... I'm not feeling it!". Being the AWESOME maid that she is, she looked me dead in the eye and said "wanna get outta here?"... HELL YES! The two of us went and sat in one of the suites in the lodge and had a glass of wine... BLISS!! Quiet, no pressure to mingle, we got to chillax and forget about our posture, and we got to LAUGH!!

Now don't get me wrong, it's not that I hate mingling... sometimes I actually love it! BUT, it really wasn't the vibe I was going for. I didn't want to have to "work the crowd"... I wanted laid back COOL! But apparently, right after a wedding ceremony, a bride in white doesn't exactly elicit a 'laid back cool' kinda vibe. I was glad my sis had warned me though, so that when I was confronted with this feeling of loneliness it didn't shock the crap outta me. I just thought to myself... "ohhh, this is what CC was talking about!".

anyone else out there feel LONELY during their cocktail hour?! Come on... it feels good to admit it! OR, if you loved your cocktail hour, maybe you can help us out and let us know what we did wrong...

all photos by the amazing [6:8] Photography

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

LOVING the mountains!!

Hi all!! Hope everyone has been enjoying the summer days (we've been hearing a tonne about the heat wave that went through the East... but it's been ch-ch-chilly here in the West?!). The hubs and I are coming up to that infamous 1 year mark (what??), and remembering the utter craziness of last year at this time (thesis, wedding, thesis, thesis, thesis, wedding) makes me so happy and grateful that this year is a bit more normal!!

But, that doesn't mean I don't still LOVE an amazing wedding shoot, and this morning I was BLOWN AWAY by the most recent work of our photogs, Kevan and Duane of [6:8] Photography. They had a GORGEOUS couple, and a truly spectacular backdrop in Lake Louise, AB.

Here are a few of my favorites, but seriously, I know you want the link, cause you will want to see this entire wedding, so after looking at em here, head on over to feast your eyes on all the beauty!!

Amazing work guys!!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ideas I Shamelessly 'Borrowed' From Other Brides... #3

So now that we have got back into the "detail" section of the recaps, I am ready for the third installment of my Reference List. In case you missed the previous entries, I first gave a shout out to Mrs. Lighting of weddingbee, for the great grooms-socks-wrapping-idea. And of course, I had to mention Jess of Budget Savvy Bride and Jess Lehry Designs for her awesome idea for blinging out my wedding shoes!

But now, it is time for a shout out to Nicole from Our Little Life... who's GORGEOUS wedding was one that gave me muchos inspiration. The main thing that I shamelessly borrowed from her wedding was the aisle decoration. I thought they were simple, but perfect, and knew they would be great at our mountain wedding.

How do you think I did in 'borrowing'... ok, who am I kidding, it was more like a full-on copy! Heh, I don't apologize for this blatant flattery... the girl had a great idea, and I thought it would be great for us too!!

Their aisle decorations:

Our aisle decorations:

Their 'sticks' behind the bride:

Our sticks behind the bride:
Their sticks behind the groom:
Our sticks behind the groom:
As much as I tried to get the same effect as Nicole's, it didn't quite work out. Here are a couple of reasons: I deligated this task. Let's face it ladies, the night before our wedding I had a choice: 1) stay at the lodge and work on the little details like a detail-oriented freak that I can very easily become... OR, 2) Go out for amazing Thai food with my ladies and have the BEST-NIGHT-EVER... ya, you can guess what I did!! But, the girls that were back at the house executing the details did a fantastic job, and although I pictured the "sticks" (as the hubs referred to them) being closer together, my wedding-elves (love you cousins!!) really did get it better. The simple fact was that our ceremony space was cramped... the sticks being off to the side a bit made it more visually open, with really only the mountains and sky as a backdrop. So we might ask... were the sticks really even necessary?! Well, with photos like this one...

I think they were a great addition!!
All photos from our wedding courtesy of [6:8] Photography, and those from Nicole and Grants were borrowed from Lauren Brooks Photography.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Montaintop Wedding - Confident

The time was finally here... the day had been a blast so far. We had spent an amazing morning/afternoon with each other, and with our bridal party, but the moment had arrived. Our family had assembled, we could hear the music playing and the chatter of our guests. My girls and I gathered in a small room on the main floor of the lodge where we were met by our Jordy, our make-up and hair guru, for last minute hair curling, dress steaming, and make-up touch-ups! We shared a quick glass of champagne, and my great friend Cindy came in to let us know it was time.

And the one emotion that was overriding all others was CONFIDENCE.

Of course their was a mixture of all the days emotions... anticipation, gratefulness, pride, familiar love, even a bit of feeling torn, but above all else, I was confident in the vows I was about to make, and those that I would receive. I was confident in the man I was marrying. I was confident in our foundation, our hopes and vision, and in our love for each other that would provide the framework for our future.

And so, I nodded to my mom, accepted my dad's arm, and started up the stairs...

I was surrounded by the people I loved the most, and who supported, guided, and protected me. I was confident, with my mom by my side, that this walk was a purposeful one. One that was well thought out. A walk that lead me to the man I was meant to spend the rest of my life with.

I was confident in walking towards my husband... and it was like there was no other place I was meant to be. Inspite of chaos, emotion, trials, tribulations, successes and failures, that inevitably form any bride's foundation, everything seemed to fall away, making space only for this walk as a woman about to become a wife...

And then we stood together. Bride and groom, friends, lovers, confidantes, cheerleaders and critics

And nearly... husband and wife.

I made sure to soak it all up... and especially tried to connect with our friends and families in the 'audience'.

And before we knew it, it was time to say our vows. We chose to include a somewhat typical "do you promise to...", complete with "I Do's", after which we exchanged our personal vows. As it turned out, we both finalized our vows that morning, and it was hilarious (proof in the pudding... check out my laugh) that we had both written our vows in coil notebooks which we proceeded to read them from :) Seriously... it took some of the nerves away, and was soooo US! Dorky, goofy, note takers!
So first up was the hubs... his vows were sweet, direct, and calming. They were him... he's not really a man of words, so they were short and too the point... but they were perfect!

And then it was my turn. I also think mine were "me"... long winded and thoughtful! Yep, sometimes I can ramble. What can I say... this was the reason I was here! I followed the "I love you because..." and "Because I love you..." that I first saw here. I don't know why, but as soon as I saw this style, I knew it was how I wanted to share my love and promises with my man.

Of course there were many details to the ceremony, but at the end, and most importantly, we sealed the deal with a kiss...

And we confidently entered the world of MARRIAGE!! We were FINALLY husband and wife!

all photos credited, as always, to [6:8] Photography

And PS... don't you just love that I FINALLY figured out how to post with larger images?!

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Guest Post on another mountain peak...

And by 'Mountain Peak', I mean blog written by mountain-loving bride... Yep, that's right, I am over at A Mountain Bride today, sharing a glimpse of our mountaintop wedding!

Jess was recently married in Arizona, and has kept a thoughtful, inspiring, and gorgeous account of her wedding planning over at her blog... seriously, I can NOT wait to see her pics! I gained MUCH inspiration from her blog over the months leading up to our wedding, and we have become blog-buds which really has been one of the best parts of writing this blog. The ladies that we all get to meet through the planning (and remembering!) stages of weddings really bring a whole new level of camaraderie to brides. So Jess, thanks for having me over there at your FAB site... and hurry up and come home so you can share your wedding pics with us all!! No seriously, I hope you are having a blast on your honeymoon!! Can't wait to hear all about your wedding in the mountains!!

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Mountaintop Wedding - Anticipation

Wow... you are here... to the end of the formals! This has been a long journey of recaps, and more importantly, of emotion. As you have travelled with us chronologically the morning of the wedding, you have seen the amazing work of our photogs, [6:8] Photography, but I hope you have also felt the emotion of the day. The good, the bad, the ugly... and the amazing!! For those of you who have missed it and want to catch up, prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster...

  • The day started off calm as hair and make up got under way.
  • But with the reality that my wedding day had finally arrived, so too came some family issues that had been unresolved, and let's be honest, I was torn.
  • After making the best decision I knew how to at the time, I started to get excited to see my husband, and my heart went crazy pitter-patter
  • And seeing my husband for the first time brought everything to a stop... and it really was pure bliss
  • A bit of frustration with rain and transportation resulted in some flask-ing
  • and let's face it peeps, a bit of booze and umbrellas seems to calm things down... ahhhh-relaxed
  • My man was the coolest groom ever, and I couldn't have been more proud
  • And when we were reminded of a turning point in our relationship, we realized just how blessed we were to be marrying eachother
  • As the morning turned in to afternoon, we were surrounded by the most comforting emotion yet... familiar love
And if you're still with me, the journey brought us to our little trek in the trees. And at this time, their was really only one emotion in the air... anticipation. We had only a couple shots left before we drove back to the lodge to say our "I Do's". Admittedly, I kinda didn't want to go. Not because I didn't want to exchange vows, but because I was so LOVING hanging out with my groom...

It felt like it was the first time we had been together in MONTHS (*which was kinda true considering the lock-down I had been in prior to the wedding finishing my thesis and defending it), and I was kinda lovin it!

I knew, though, that sharing our vows with our friends and family would be such a special experience, and so we savored the last few moments alone in the forest...

And before heading back, I prepared myself to step into the wide world of WIFE... but let me be straight up here guys, I was also kinda thinking about the fact that in a few short minutes my dad would be walking me down the aisle with my mom, despite my mixed emotions on the topic, and I was preparing myself to be in the moment (sorry to bust up the picturesque dreaming of wedding bliss with harsh reality, but that's the way it went down). The anticipation of having my dad there was trying to take over, but it DIDN'T... it was present, but more importantly, the confident love that was streaming between my groom and I gave me all the confidence in the world to face my dad...

Because with him by side, want couldn't we take on??

Ya, we were ready... let's get this party started!!
All photo credits to Kevan and Duane of [6:8] Photography

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