Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ideas I Shamelessly 'Borrowed' From Other Brides... #3

So now that we have got back into the "detail" section of the recaps, I am ready for the third installment of my Reference List. In case you missed the previous entries, I first gave a shout out to Mrs. Lighting of weddingbee, for the great grooms-socks-wrapping-idea. And of course, I had to mention Jess of Budget Savvy Bride and Jess Lehry Designs for her awesome idea for blinging out my wedding shoes!

But now, it is time for a shout out to Nicole from Our Little Life... who's GORGEOUS wedding was one that gave me muchos inspiration. The main thing that I shamelessly borrowed from her wedding was the aisle decoration. I thought they were simple, but perfect, and knew they would be great at our mountain wedding.

How do you think I did in 'borrowing'... ok, who am I kidding, it was more like a full-on copy! Heh, I don't apologize for this blatant flattery... the girl had a great idea, and I thought it would be great for us too!!

Their aisle decorations:

Our aisle decorations:

Their 'sticks' behind the bride:

Our sticks behind the bride:
Their sticks behind the groom:
Our sticks behind the groom:
As much as I tried to get the same effect as Nicole's, it didn't quite work out. Here are a couple of reasons: I deligated this task. Let's face it ladies, the night before our wedding I had a choice: 1) stay at the lodge and work on the little details like a detail-oriented freak that I can very easily become... OR, 2) Go out for amazing Thai food with my ladies and have the BEST-NIGHT-EVER... ya, you can guess what I did!! But, the girls that were back at the house executing the details did a fantastic job, and although I pictured the "sticks" (as the hubs referred to them) being closer together, my wedding-elves (love you cousins!!) really did get it better. The simple fact was that our ceremony space was cramped... the sticks being off to the side a bit made it more visually open, with really only the mountains and sky as a backdrop. So we might ask... were the sticks really even necessary?! Well, with photos like this one...

I think they were a great addition!!
All photos from our wedding courtesy of [6:8] Photography, and those from Nicole and Grants were borrowed from Lauren Brooks Photography.

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