Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We need your help... it's a contest!

We interrupt the previously scheduled wedding recap post, to bring you a plea... for help... well, VOTES!! One of our wedding pictures (coincidentally it was going to appear in the next recap post!) was entered as one of [6:8] Photography's top 15 pictures of 2009. They are holding a contest, where the winner (with the most votes) will receive a beautiful canvas of one of their own favorite wedding shots.

This is the pic from our Mountaintop Wedding that was entered:

So, if you have time, definitely head over to their contest and check out all the photos... and if ours still ranks up there on your list, we would be beyond grateful if you voted for us, Tiffany and Ian!! It would be the best Christmas present ever!!

Click here to find the voting!!

Thanks all!! Have a great day!

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Montaintop Wedding - proud

Wowza... it's a mere 4 days till Christmas?! Where has the fall gone? It is crazy to think that a year ago today, I was on the ski-hill in Austria completing my final day of testing, before packing up to return home... and now, 12 months later, I am married, I have finished my PhD, I have moved cities, and I am hours away from buying (hopefully... fingers crossed!) a new house!! Yep, lots has happened, EVERYTHING has changed, and it truly amazes me every day how the body can sustain stress, love, adventure, heartache, excitement, anticipation, and more stress, and still feel great!! We are lucky!

Our wedding day, as you all know, was blessed enough to have some rain, but we were also lucky enough to be in the mountains, which meant that a 30 minute drive was enough to bring out the sun, stop the rain, and produce some new, dramatic backdrops for our photo shoot! We were still relaxed, and super grateful to have some time without the rain, but the emotion I was feeling here was pure pride...

We arrived at our next location to find a dirt biking track, which let me tell you, made my hubs veerrryyy happy! He jumped out of the jeep, and immediately flagged down one of the bikers, who was more than happy to allow my man-in-black to do this:

Yep, my man figured it was a perfect idea to go dirt biking in the mud in his black suit even before we were married... mmmm, muddy suit in the ceremony? Not quite what I had in mind!

So I admit, I was apprehensive about his carefree spirit shining through on the bike, but come on, how else do you react when you see your soon-to-be-husband with the hugest smile on his face, doing something he freakin' loves (hello, all things with motors he loves!), after months and months of helping me plan a day that would meet and exceed all of my dreams... well, I was proud that he was loving this day as much as he was, because it was his day too of course!!

And a few minutes later, after a quick 4x4 to our actual photo location, he was back to business, bringing out his inner Tyson Beckford!

And I mean really, my man in black, on his wedding day, minutes after dirt biking, looking as handsome as this...
and here's that smile I love...

Yep, I was downright proud of my man! Proud of the fact that he was mine, but even more so, proud of the fact that he is his own man, he knows what makes him happy and goes for it, all the while moving mountains to make me happy!

We really had come such a long way... trials and tribulations, peaks and valleys, highs and lows... it was only fitting that on this day, we were surrounded by the mountains and valleys that mimic our relationship so perfectly. And just like the mountains, no matter how rugged, moody, and unpredictable they can be, the beauty of our relationship, and the mountains we celebrated it in, is undeniable. I was (am) so proud at where we had come... and where we continue to move toward!!

photo credits to the uber-talented, and equally FUN Kevan and Duane of [6:8] Photography.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Montaintop Wedding - ahhhh... relaxed!

First of all, thanks for coming around! I know it has been nearly a month since my last post, and I am thankful that you are here to follow this bride's emotional journey :)

The last we left off, I was getting over some bridezilla frustration, and we were just getting started with the portraits. It's strange thinking back on this time, and although it really was just a photo shoot, it amazes me that it was so relaxing. I look at this next picture, and am just so thankful for my girls. They have been with me through the thick and thin of it all (we grew up together, so when I say "it all", it really does mean "it all"!) and having them looking GORGEOUS, trudging through a WET farmer's field on a pretty cold September day, all the while having their show-stopping smiles on, it makes perfect sense why it was so relaxing!
I have mentioned quite a few times that I love wheat fields. I was born and raised in Alberta, and the prairies (considered to be dull and boring by many), really do feel like home to me. Kevan and Duane ([6:8] Photography) promised me that we would see the wheat, and they came through! I love how in the next photo it is all wild and disheveled (my hubs refers to me as a disheveled mess all the time, so I extra like this wheat!), and then on the other side of the road (the last few photos), it is standing up strong and straight in defiance of the wind and rain... isn't wheat just so courageous?! (Yep, that's how much I love it!)

In this next photo, our crew was staying warm in the vehicles, and we were just having fun in the fields. Who woulda thought that after months of planning, tears, $$, and emotion, me walking through thigh deep WET grass/grain in a WHITE dress would be relaxing?! But it really was...

Look at the expressions on our faces in the next two shots (which, by the way, I believe to be genius!)... serious and intense in a way, but also simple and calm... man and wife... relax... relaxing... relaxed.

And, for a bit of fun, here is a shot of my hubs covering my butt as I walked back up to the cars with my dress (literally) around my waist! Our photogs thought it was hilarious, and even snapped a pic of my bare-bride-butt (that I probably won't share here)...

but that's what I'm trying to tell you all about... it was fun and relaxing. This might sound lame, but as I walked and sometimes RAN through the fields with my dress up and the wet grass/grain soaking me, it was not unlike that feeling of running around it wet running shoes in shorts and a tank top in that totally unexpected rain storm as a kid (ya, who am I kidding, as an adult too!). Were we getting married? Yes, but that didn't change us... we were still fun-lovin' peeps who have always loved the rain... relaxed in the rain... that's just how we play!

As always, photo credit goes to the amazing talent of [6:8] Photography.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Mountaintop Wedding - Frustration

No matter how often you tell yourself that you will NOT go bridezilla on your wedding day, there just might be a little disturbance that you are not prepared for... and it can spark something inside that you swore wouldn't light on fire!! YEP, I had a bridezilla moment! Emotion of the moment?! FRUSTRATION!!

I was soooo frustrated with my husband when, after our moment of bliss during our first look, we started to head outside to get our modelling on! You already know it was raining, but since we had a spent a few minutes inside doing our first look, the weather seemed to have calmed down a bit, but it was still drizzling, and definitely still a bit messy from the early RAIN!! So, I waited patiently outside with an umbrella, while our peeps figured out the vehicles. We knew in advance that we needed 4 wheel drive to access one of the photo-shoot locations, and we (hubs and I) had already decided that we would be driving his truck (convenient right?!). Well, you can imagine my surprise when he informed me that he had left his truck at the hotel, and that we would be taking his best man's jeep... not that big of a deal right?!

My mom came out to help and make sure I didn't get dirty...

(I think he knew he was about to get in trouble...)

Well, let's just say that the Jeep was NOT CLEAN?!?! and... out came bridezilla! I was pissed right off... oh wait, I am using the slightly less dramatic term "frustrated", but let's face it ladies, I was pissed! Um, what part of WHITE DRESS did he not understand?!? So, after catching sight of the interior...

I think this is me trying to keep a happy smile pasted on my face ;)
I tried to remain calm!! I actually ended up retreating into the house after hissing something along the lines of "how could you have NOT thought this through?!?!" to my husband. I told him to deal with it, and not bring me back outside into the rain unless it was so!! (I told you... bridezilla!!). Well, what ended up happening was pretty simple... they cleaned the seats as best they could, brought me a towel to sit on, and I climbed in the front seat (NOT the back like they had originally suggested!!), and we went on our 'marry' way.

On our way to the photo location, we completely lost our bridal party?!?! They weren't answering their phones, we were driving back and forth on the road trying to find them (which is ridiculous since there is one road, and only a left or right turn on to it from our driveway??), and I was getting more and more pissed off... I mean... frustrated! Long story short, they had gone back to get our rubber boots (which was a great idea), and in a few minutes, they met us at the location...

...and they helped to calm the 'zilla...

Yep, that's me, rain boots and a flask! And so the photos started.

I still wasn't quite convinced that he should be forgiven...

But he probably told me something funny to make me laugh (he's pretty good at that!)...

and I started to come around...

But once my man starts to nuzzle my neck... game over!! I was one happy bride after this:

and we both knew it was going to be an amazing day...

And so started the portraits... a bit rocky, but with the horizon in site, we were on our way!!
All photos courtesy of [6:8] Photography.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2 the North Tuesdays... Edition #5 (yes... I know it's Wednesday!!)

Hey all!! So remember waaayyy back when, when I was trying to light up the blogosphere with shout-outs to the Great White North?? Well, after the wedding, I slacked. And it definitely was not because I don't think it's important anymore, no, not at all! It's mainly because I am busy. And so the little blogging time I do have, I have been focusing on recapping the emotional journey our Mountain Top Wedding brought about! BUT, there is a fab new website that is sure to make the lives of many Canadian brides easier... well, specifically, Fernie (BC) brides like I was!! Soooo, without further adieu...

2 the North (Tuesdays) Wednesday - Edition #5

(screen shot from the website)

I found out about this site while I was procrastinating at work, and catching up on facebook (sidenote... is anyone else seriously annoyed with the 'news feed' these days?!). Duane (yep, you know them well now, it's Duane of Kevan and Duane at [6:8] Photography) mentioned that he was busy with the new website... www.FernieWeddings.ca. Well, didn't I just about giggle when I went over for a visit! Then I realized that I wasn't planning our wedding anymore, and it really wasn't as valuable as striking gold... but I knew it would be valuable for other brides who are considering Fernie for a wedding location.

So... why is it such a great new site?! Well, let's start with a bit of a background with Fernie. It is a small mountain town. I'm not talking Banff or Whistler mountain town... nope, this is a small, BC town 3 hrs away from an international airport. It is not a destination for weddings... ie. you don't google "fernie weddings" and come up with thousands of hits. BUT, now you come up with this awesome hit!! Although it is still a relatively new site, it is already brimming with valuable info for those brides who feel like they are planning a wedding in the middle of nowhere (yep... I felt that way a time or two!!). You might notice that the lodge we got married in (Elk View Lodge) is on the homepage (in the screen shot above), and if you look for caterers, DonnaMarie of Fernie Fine Foods (who catered our event) is on there too!

I am really stoked to give this shout-out, not only because our friends of [6:8] Photography are behind it, but because it is great to give some exposure to our favorite little mountain town! Fernie is not only home to the most amazing powder in the winter, but it is the perfect summer-hangout with hiking and mountain biking, and even floating down the river. We happen to believe it is also the BEST place to get married! It is not too busy/touristy, and you can still get great down-home hospitality that is often lacking in some of the other crowded tourist-filled mountain towns the Rockies are known for! But, the downside of this quaint atmosphere, is the resources available for throwing said big party... but this new website will definitely improve that situation for new brides!! So for any of you brides out there that are looking for an intimate mountain experience, and need help in the planning, head over to www.FernieWeddings.ca for a great lead on a... what else... Fernie Wedding!!

Oh, and PS, if you click on real weddings, you can find us there!!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Mountaintop Wedding - Pure Bliss

Thanks for coming back for more of the emotional journey this bride faced on her wedding day...

For those of you who are just joining us (heyyyy!! welcome!!), the day started off cool-calm-collected, with hair and make-up, and a little bit of family drama saw a bride torn, and then, as the moment approached, the heart wouldn't stop... pitter-patter, pitter-patter... and this where you last saw me:

And then it was simple... pure bliss!! I saw my man standing and waiting patiently (or nervously, or excitedly... to me, he just looked plain ol' CUTE!!). I think this little smile on his face meant that he was feeling all of the above, but ladies, this is when pure happiness came over me! The moment was here...

... I was going to see my man, and he was going to see me...

... and then I knew, we were going to be together forever... starting right at this moment...

... and it felt really, really good!! The emotion was overwhelming, but so simple too. I was marrying my man, my rock, my lover, my partner, my comedian... yep, pure bliss!

And I think at this moment he realized it too...

And then we saw eachother, as we would only see eachother this one time, as bride and groom! For the first time, and nearly the last time, we would be bride and groom, taking on a whole new adventure!!

Yep, I think we like what we see...

But just for good measure, let's take a really good look...

Oh but wait... let me not only see, but let me feel, smell, taste... this was my groom, and soon he would be my husband. I absolutely adore this picture... just the two of us, revelling in the moment, but also dreaming of the future... together...

And for right now, we really were just bride and groom... in a few short hours, we would meet back at this exact spot, and exchange vows declaring our lifelong commitment. But for now, pure, simple, sweet, bliss... anticipation, excitement, nerves, anxiety, drama, tasklists, etc. etc... it all somehow added up to this sweet moment of bliss!!

Once again, the drama of the photos perfectly captured the emotions of the moment!! Thanks to [6:8] Photography for these sweet memories!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

My favorite accessory featured...

I was super excited yesterday when Miss Myra Callan of the infamous Twigs & Honey veils/flowers emailed me to let me know she would be featuring me (wearing her work of course) on her blog... check it out here. Thanks Myra, and as I said in the email, thank-you so much for the stunning hair flower and veil, they really were the drama in our mountaintop wedding!! Myra's work can be found on her etsy shop here (shout out etsy!), or on her official website.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Mountaintop Wedding - Pitter-Patter

Ok, ok, I know, Pitter-Patter is not an emotion, but it is the sound my heart was making as us girls got the finishing touches done on hair and makeup... it was a combination of 'excited', and 'nervous', so Pitter-Patter will be the name of the next emotion, k?!

For those of you following, be sure to catch up on the emotions of a bride (yep, this bride) on my wedding day: CALM, TORN

The family issue had been 'dealt with' (I use the quotes for all the reasons discussed earlier... it had been dealt with in the best way I knew how how to at the time... moving on), and time seemed to be moving faster and faster. My girls were mostly ready for the day, my hair had been sitting in curlers all morning, but let's face it ladies, I still looked like this:

There was still some work to do!! So, my hair/makeup/galpal extraordinaire got to work to bring back the "edgy glam", that I worked out in our hair trail (read about it here).

She smoothed and slicked the sides...

Then added drama with some height and angles at the front...

Now let me tell you about the time ladies... we were LATE! Yep, I was supposed to be meeting my groom at a nearby field for our 'first-look' at noon, and this picture was taken at 12:11pm (seriously, I just checked the photo properties!!). Yep, it's confirmed, we were late. But, things didn't go off the wall for two reasons: 1) my man and his boys were late too!! Wahoo!! Their golf game ran late, and while my hair was going up, they too were scrambling to get their ties done up, so all was good! 2) It was raining. full stop. Oh No..... it was raining?!?! Ya, that emotion contributed a bit to the whole Pitter-Patter situation!
I am going to be perfectly honest right now... I hate to bring up budget, and even worse, to admit I was thinking about it right before I was to see my groom for the first time (heh, you're used to it, I tell it like it is right?!), but this is the exact thought that went through my head when I realized it wasn't just lightly misting outside like it had been on and off all morning, but that there was a full-on system moving directly towards us, with wind and all: "Holy crap, we paid $xxxx.xx for some of the best photographers around, and we are going to have shoot indoors?? But I haven't cleaned up, and there are people everywhere?! Oh God... our photos?!?!?!"... pitter-patter, pitter-patter...
That was when Kevan (said awesome photographer) caught me probably with a look of the noted fear and panic on my face as I stared out the large picture window where I would later say my vows. He told me to leave the photography up to him and Duane (who was shooting the boys all morning), and said, "Tiff, you probably won't believe this, but this is the type of weather Duane and I pray for on weddings...". He was right, I didn't get it, but I decided then and there, that it was all going to happen as mother nature had planned, it was out of my control, and no matter what, I was getting married... holy crap, I was getting married! pitter-patter... pitter-patter!
Let's get this show on the road... the veil went on. There was no time for the ceremonial mom-of-the-bride pinning the veil on the bride, it just had to get done!

But there was definitely time to check it all out in the mirror before the dress went on:

Alright ladies, let's get that dress on me... I gotta groom to see!

Ok, it's over the hair now... "how late are we?"... pitter-patter....

Ziiippppp! Yep, smellin good too ;)

Shoes please!!

Ok, then my mom gives me the gift from my groom, and part of me thought (to myself of course), 'what? you're giving this to me now, when I have been sitting in a chair getting hair/makeup done for the last couple of hours... I'm late!'. BUT, I reminded myself, that this was special, and deserved my time, without stress... and so I opened.... first a letter:

It really was sweet. I am going to share with you ladies a small part of what he wrote, because it truly is one of the most memorable moments of the day for me: "You are so beautiful today. More beautiful than yesterday, and not quite as beautiful as you will be tomorrow". Sigh. I almost lost it at that point. The bottom line is, he loves me. Period. It doesn't matter about the white dress and the great hair and makeup. I am beautiful no matter what. That moment really helped me remember what the day was all about. It is true, I had worked out like a madwoman leading up to the wedding, I had watched what I ate and drank, and tried to get my beauty rest. No matter what though, it wasn't about how I looked... it was all about how our love felt... and it felt great!! PITTER-PATTER...
He also gave me a beautiful little 'diamond' ring charm for my Links bracelet, which, for reasons I won't go into here, was so perfect! Here are my ladies watching as I open my little box: (don't you just love this picture... man, perfect!)

And it was showtime... the finished product:

Kevan told me the new rain-plan was to do the "first-look" at the house (which is also where we would walk down the aisle, have our first dance, and party our butts off!), so I snuck back into our room, and waited until my man was appropriately positioned... pitter-patter, pitter-patter... and then, I got to sneak my own little first peek, before we saw eachother for the first time... pitter-patter, pitter-patter...

Of course, all the beautiful photos are from our boys, Kevan (with me above) and Duane, at [6:8] Photography.

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