Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2 the North Tuesdays... Edition #5 (yes... I know it's Wednesday!!)

Hey all!! So remember waaayyy back when, when I was trying to light up the blogosphere with shout-outs to the Great White North?? Well, after the wedding, I slacked. And it definitely was not because I don't think it's important anymore, no, not at all! It's mainly because I am busy. And so the little blogging time I do have, I have been focusing on recapping the emotional journey our Mountain Top Wedding brought about! BUT, there is a fab new website that is sure to make the lives of many Canadian brides easier... well, specifically, Fernie (BC) brides like I was!! Soooo, without further adieu...

2 the North (Tuesdays) Wednesday - Edition #5

(screen shot from the website)

I found out about this site while I was procrastinating at work, and catching up on facebook (sidenote... is anyone else seriously annoyed with the 'news feed' these days?!). Duane (yep, you know them well now, it's Duane of Kevan and Duane at [6:8] Photography) mentioned that he was busy with the new website... Well, didn't I just about giggle when I went over for a visit! Then I realized that I wasn't planning our wedding anymore, and it really wasn't as valuable as striking gold... but I knew it would be valuable for other brides who are considering Fernie for a wedding location.

So... why is it such a great new site?! Well, let's start with a bit of a background with Fernie. It is a small mountain town. I'm not talking Banff or Whistler mountain town... nope, this is a small, BC town 3 hrs away from an international airport. It is not a destination for weddings... ie. you don't google "fernie weddings" and come up with thousands of hits. BUT, now you come up with this awesome hit!! Although it is still a relatively new site, it is already brimming with valuable info for those brides who feel like they are planning a wedding in the middle of nowhere (yep... I felt that way a time or two!!). You might notice that the lodge we got married in (Elk View Lodge) is on the homepage (in the screen shot above), and if you look for caterers, DonnaMarie of Fernie Fine Foods (who catered our event) is on there too!

I am really stoked to give this shout-out, not only because our friends of [6:8] Photography are behind it, but because it is great to give some exposure to our favorite little mountain town! Fernie is not only home to the most amazing powder in the winter, but it is the perfect summer-hangout with hiking and mountain biking, and even floating down the river. We happen to believe it is also the BEST place to get married! It is not too busy/touristy, and you can still get great down-home hospitality that is often lacking in some of the other crowded tourist-filled mountain towns the Rockies are known for! But, the downside of this quaint atmosphere, is the resources available for throwing said big party... but this new website will definitely improve that situation for new brides!! So for any of you brides out there that are looking for an intimate mountain experience, and need help in the planning, head over to for a great lead on a... what else... Fernie Wedding!!

Oh, and PS, if you click on real weddings, you can find us there!!

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