Friday, September 25, 2009

What does the real world mean now?!

We're back!! We had a glorious 2 weeks in France and Italy that involved a marathon, plenty of wine, bread, cheese, and pasta, hiking and walking, exploring backroads, beating the touristy pavement, sights and sounds, music and art, and most importantly... each other! This was the first time my man and I have done Europe together, and while there was a learning curve with real travel (as opposed to easy vacationing which we have done together quite a few times!), we truly enjoyed each other's company. I had one afternoon where I was craving some alone time (not surprising, though, as I am a VERY independent person, and absolutely adore alone time!), but for the most part, we couldn't really get enough of each other. It was exciting for me to watch my man come to enjoy wine (he is a tried-and-tested devoted beer drinker!), and we both were amazed at the beauty, history, and soul of the places we visited. I, of course, will share much of the trip with you all, as my recaps get to the honeymoon, but in the mean time, I am excited to talk all things wedding with you.

I've gotta put it out there though... I came home to over 1000 unread posts in my google reader, and I thought, OK, I could try to catch up on them... but I gave up! I checked to make sure I hadn't missed any of my blogger friends weddings, and caught up on some pics from August 15 Bride, but then I did the unthinkable.... I clicked the "mark all as read" button! I know I know... it's bad!! I still TOTALLY value all of the hard work, creativity, and emotion that everyone has put into sharing the wedding journey with their readers, but I really couldn't find the energy or emotion within myself to swoon over other peoples' details. The fact is, our wedding has passed... it was amazing... but not PERFECT. It was heartfelt, meaningful, and tonnes of fun, but there were some things I overlooked or simply ran out of time to attend to. It was family filled, memorable, fresh-mountain-air exciting, but there will always be little things I could have done differently. The simple fact is, I love the details... all details. Even those details I read about and think "oh come on now, who has the time to do THAT?!" yep, I love those details too! I could have 4 or 5 more weddings (of course to my one and only man, cause he is my dreamy-delicious-kind-fun HUSBAND forever!!) and still never incorporate all the details that I think are FABULOUS! So, I couldn't go back in time to look at my 1000+ posts, but I will still read wedding blogs I think... they are just so dreamy! I especially look forward to watching all the brides out there make their own leap of faith... all you brides are so brave! I definitely realized what a HUGE deal it is to get married... HUGE!!

Most recaps are different from each other... the way brides organize their thoughts/emotions/sentiments related to their wedding is unique to themselves. So yes, my recaps will probably not look like anyone elses. I have thought about how they will look, and it is hard even now to imagine it, but the one thing I really want to work hard to express are the feelings that surged through every moment of the whole wedding weekend. Some feelings I expected, others I was surprised by... they were all over the map!! So the story will likely unfold chronologically, but the focus will likely be on the emotion. I hope you are all with me for this journey, because you have all been supportive so far... and I have to come to rely on you a bit ;) And, if my experiences can help any of you prepare for or anticipate feelings on your own wedding day, I know it will be worth it!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

the most amazing day... ever!!

Hey friends! I know I have been MIA lately... the fact is, I am a married woman, on her honeymoon, loving every minute of QT with my HUSBAND!! It was a crazy busy homestretch the last week before the wedding, but it all resulted in the most fantastic wedding weekend... better than I could have imagined. All the work that we had put into creating a three day retreat in the mountains for our family and closest friends brought the most delightful experience to fruition... and the best part... at the end of the Sunday, we were man and wife!!

Above all else, I can tell you that the weekend was filled with LAUGHTER (I am talking a LOT of it!!), and lovelovelove... between my man and I of course, but it also floated through the air like laughing gas, hitting everyone to come within the vicinity of our lodge... it was EVERYWHERE! It was so unbelievably humbling how much our family and friends that stayed at the amazing lodge helped make our day possible... like, beyond 'help'.... they were seriously integral in how the whole weekend unfolded, and for that, we are forever indebted... they took our vision to heart, and worked tirelessly to make it happen! My eyes are getting wet just typing this and picturing my little brother giving directions like he was football coach... "no, that table goes here... ok boys, let's mop the floor before we set up the chairs... come on people, I need all hands on deck to move these couches...", and one of my bestest girlfriends working around the clock like freaking Martha Stewart to create a BEAUTIFUL room that surpassed any/all expectations that I might have had... seriously, I had the BEST team ever working to make our day the best possible!

I will give all sorts of juicy details when we return from France/Italy, but for now, a few of my fav pics from our photogs... enjoy!!

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