Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Mountaintop Wedding - Calm

I am going to start recaps at the morning of the wedding... so many things happened leading up to the actual day, and I really do want to share these with you (and I will... promise!), but to be perfectly honest, I am starting here cause I have all of our professional pics to do the recaps with, and they weren't there the week leading up to the wedding!! So... withouth further adieu... the morning of the wedding... The alarm clock was set for 6:00am, and I woke up a little bit before it went off... I was getting married!!

I went into the washroom, and thought, wow... after all the hardwork, tears, exams, phone calls, paper cutting, discussions, workouts... wow, it was here!! I am not gonna lie peeps, I can't say the emotion was excitement. Nope, it was simply CALM. It was happening, I was ready, I had had a pretty good night’s sleep, most things were done (and even though I knew there were some things that quite simply wouldn't get done, I was still calm!!), I wasn't going to look outside at the weather, we were getting married! My cousin (and bridesmaid) came into the washroom, and told me I had to go back to bed... it was my wedding day, and I needed a bit more rest! So, without fighting her, I went back to bed. I knew our hair and make-up queen was to arrive at 7am, so I asked P-ah to wake me up then.

7am: things started rolling. I didn't do much... had coffee, wandered around the lodge admiring all the work my peeps had done the night before (while my girls and I were out for dinner!!), ate an apple... calm (borderline zombie!). just some of the handiwork of my ladies... beautiful right?! All the flowers were grown by my mom and step-mom, and arranged by my step-mom and about 5 girlfriends!!

Our table numbers! My hubs and I made them about 3 days before the wedding... using rocks from down by the river (literally), and some gold leaf I had in my craft box... $0!

I just LOVED the rectangular tables!! The burlap runners were crafted by my mom... and note to the DIY teams... get the burlap at the hardware store... for cheap!! Don't get it at craft or fabric stores! These were the tables before the flowers were added!

P-ah was the first to get started with hair and make-up...

And then things started to get rolling... beauty salon style!! I started with hair into rollers, and then I had a few hours to chillax! Well, ok, I did have one important task... I still needed to write my vows!! Yep, you heard that right... the words hadn’t come to me earlier, and I didn’t want to force anything. I knew the format I would be writing in, and had most things going up in my head, but they really needed to get written down. So this is a pic of my momma and I while I was trying to hide from everyone else in the house, and get some words on paper!! Note the I DO sign on the stairs (made by my mom and step-dad) directing our guests up to the ceremony site!
My other girls were busy getting prettied: JB was next...

and then my MOH, CC:
And I was still writing... this time in our closet!

then it came time for me to start getting beautiful... make-up first:

Still calm as can be... this little treat didn’t hurt:

Yep, bridesmaid P-ah hookin me up with a massage DURING makeup!!

So, the morning was off to a really great start! Jordy (our hair and makeup guru) is a friend, so it was really nice to be able to hang out with her too! I didn’t really leave the room much during the morning, so I didn’t have a clue what was going on in terms of set-up or anything else for that matter, so I remained in my state of calm bliss!! This is easy!!

I was always really worried I wouldn’t be able to be relaxed the morning of the wedding (hmmm... worried about being worried... not a great plan!), but the night before the wedding, I was out for dinner with my three girls eating the most delicious thai food in one of my fav little restaurants in Fernie, and we were laughing NON-STOP, not even thinking about the wedding... just hanging out!! I knew at that moment that the wedding was about spending time with your most favourite peeps... and I knew nothing would be able to ruin the day!! So, I enjoyed the whole process!! Everyone tells you that the day really flies by, and in some ways, it totally did, but to be honest, I really felt that the morning was relaxed, calm, and FUN!
NOTE: all photos by the talented [6:8] Photography!!

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