Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Mountaintop Wedding - Pitter-Patter

Ok, ok, I know, Pitter-Patter is not an emotion, but it is the sound my heart was making as us girls got the finishing touches done on hair and makeup... it was a combination of 'excited', and 'nervous', so Pitter-Patter will be the name of the next emotion, k?!

For those of you following, be sure to catch up on the emotions of a bride (yep, this bride) on my wedding day: CALM, TORN

The family issue had been 'dealt with' (I use the quotes for all the reasons discussed earlier... it had been dealt with in the best way I knew how how to at the time... moving on), and time seemed to be moving faster and faster. My girls were mostly ready for the day, my hair had been sitting in curlers all morning, but let's face it ladies, I still looked like this:

There was still some work to do!! So, my hair/makeup/galpal extraordinaire got to work to bring back the "edgy glam", that I worked out in our hair trail (read about it here).

She smoothed and slicked the sides...

Then added drama with some height and angles at the front...

Now let me tell you about the time ladies... we were LATE! Yep, I was supposed to be meeting my groom at a nearby field for our 'first-look' at noon, and this picture was taken at 12:11pm (seriously, I just checked the photo properties!!). Yep, it's confirmed, we were late. But, things didn't go off the wall for two reasons: 1) my man and his boys were late too!! Wahoo!! Their golf game ran late, and while my hair was going up, they too were scrambling to get their ties done up, so all was good! 2) It was raining. full stop. Oh No..... it was raining?!?! Ya, that emotion contributed a bit to the whole Pitter-Patter situation!
I am going to be perfectly honest right now... I hate to bring up budget, and even worse, to admit I was thinking about it right before I was to see my groom for the first time (heh, you're used to it, I tell it like it is right?!), but this is the exact thought that went through my head when I realized it wasn't just lightly misting outside like it had been on and off all morning, but that there was a full-on system moving directly towards us, with wind and all: "Holy crap, we paid $xxxx.xx for some of the best photographers around, and we are going to have shoot indoors?? But I haven't cleaned up, and there are people everywhere?! Oh God... our photos?!?!?!"... pitter-patter, pitter-patter...
That was when Kevan (said awesome photographer) caught me probably with a look of the noted fear and panic on my face as I stared out the large picture window where I would later say my vows. He told me to leave the photography up to him and Duane (who was shooting the boys all morning), and said, "Tiff, you probably won't believe this, but this is the type of weather Duane and I pray for on weddings...". He was right, I didn't get it, but I decided then and there, that it was all going to happen as mother nature had planned, it was out of my control, and no matter what, I was getting married... holy crap, I was getting married! pitter-patter... pitter-patter!
Let's get this show on the road... the veil went on. There was no time for the ceremonial mom-of-the-bride pinning the veil on the bride, it just had to get done!

But there was definitely time to check it all out in the mirror before the dress went on:

Alright ladies, let's get that dress on me... I gotta groom to see!

Ok, it's over the hair now... "how late are we?"... pitter-patter....

Ziiippppp! Yep, smellin good too ;)

Shoes please!!

Ok, then my mom gives me the gift from my groom, and part of me thought (to myself of course), 'what? you're giving this to me now, when I have been sitting in a chair getting hair/makeup done for the last couple of hours... I'm late!'. BUT, I reminded myself, that this was special, and deserved my time, without stress... and so I opened.... first a letter:

It really was sweet. I am going to share with you ladies a small part of what he wrote, because it truly is one of the most memorable moments of the day for me: "You are so beautiful today. More beautiful than yesterday, and not quite as beautiful as you will be tomorrow". Sigh. I almost lost it at that point. The bottom line is, he loves me. Period. It doesn't matter about the white dress and the great hair and makeup. I am beautiful no matter what. That moment really helped me remember what the day was all about. It is true, I had worked out like a madwoman leading up to the wedding, I had watched what I ate and drank, and tried to get my beauty rest. No matter what though, it wasn't about how I looked... it was all about how our love felt... and it felt great!! PITTER-PATTER...
He also gave me a beautiful little 'diamond' ring charm for my Links bracelet, which, for reasons I won't go into here, was so perfect! Here are my ladies watching as I open my little box: (don't you just love this picture... man, perfect!)

And it was showtime... the finished product:

Kevan told me the new rain-plan was to do the "first-look" at the house (which is also where we would walk down the aisle, have our first dance, and party our butts off!), so I snuck back into our room, and waited until my man was appropriately positioned... pitter-patter, pitter-patter... and then, I got to sneak my own little first peek, before we saw eachother for the first time... pitter-patter, pitter-patter...

Of course, all the beautiful photos are from our boys, Kevan (with me above) and Duane, at [6:8] Photography.

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  1. couple things:
    1. you look absolutely divine...your HAIR?! omg...perfection. I might copy it - literally - exactly.
    2. I like that you shared with us the sweet line from the letter that your husband wrote you - but that you kept most of it private (some things are just too special to share with the planet, ya know?)
    3. I ADORE how you are recapping your wedding - focusing on your actual "emotions" and highlighting it with the pictures and process along the way. Very creative - and personal - and I love reading about your journey

  2. thanks ladies!!
    @a-mountain-bride -> glad you are enjoying the recaps... and just glad you are still stopping by! yours is still one of my most fav reads!!

  3. you are gorgeous! you so rock that birdcage veil. your photographers are awesome. it takes a true professional to transform what most people as perceived as 'bad weather' and turn it into amazing photos!!

  4. GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE your birdcage, you were stunning!