Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Mountaintop Wedding - Featured on BSB!!

Jessica, Miss Budget Savvy Bride, featured our wedding on her blog today!! This was so exciting because I gained so much inspiration, confidence, and knowledge from Jess over the course of our wedding planning, and she was one of those super-smart and "savvy" brides that got me into the whole blogging world! Thanks for your kind words Jess, and for helping me start the recap process!

When I emailed Miss BSB with the details of our wedding, I thanked her for getting me into the thought process for sharing our wedding with you, my readers! I have really struggled to figure out a way to put finger to keyboard, and to share the awesome details and emotions with you... I mean come on tiff, you have been married 1 month + a day... get the recaps started! I have been busy, true, but I think about writing every day, and have simply not known where to start. I told you that I wanted to recap by emotions, but the emotions are just so complex, it is tricky to package them! BUT, I promise, I will have a real-live post up this afternoon, starting at the beginning!!

Thanks again to Jess, and as always, head over to her blog for awesome wedding planning tricks and tips, and for wicked inspiration, check out the pics of her own recent wedding!!

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  1. thank YOU so much for the shoutout in this sweet post and for sharing your insight with us! :) can't wait to hear more about your big day. :)