Thursday, August 20, 2009


OK, so it's probably only edgy in my mind, but heh, it's all about how you feel right?!

I went in to my hair trial with basically no inspiration photos... my poor stylist right?! Well, she's a friend, and luckily we were able to take our time, she had a bit of her own vision, and she knew I was pretty easy going about it all. My dress is a deep-V neckline, with a cross in the back... the cross in the back is really the only visually interesting aspect of the dress (not in a bad way, I like that it is simple), and I knew I didn't want to hide it. I also knew that I like my hair pulled back, especially when eating (and eating RIBS!!), so it doesn't get all up in my food yo! BUT, my man likes my long locks, so I knew it still needed some sexy curls... who's confused yet?? Well, here are the results:

from the side, showing off my veil and headpiece from Miss Myra

from the front
A better shot of the makeup in natural light

So, I was feeling pretty good about the first go... but something just wasn't right. I looked too "CUTE", and cute is definitely not my thing. I knew my hair had to come down a bit, it was just too cheerleader-curl-ish... Instantly I knew the 2nd round was better:

From the front... better right?

And from the side:

OK, so it was really close, but I was still feeling a bit chipmunk-ish... yes, I have an extreme phobia of fat-face-syndrome! I definitely gain weight in my face first, and since I have been working really hard to NOT gain weight, I needed to make sure I didn't have fat-face-syndrome... something was just telling me it needed a bit of tweaking. Jordy, my hair and make-up guru asked what was on my mind, and I told her I needed a bit more lift at the front... and... voila: the final product:

What do you think?? Did we get it right? I always love her makeup, so I knew she would do a great job, and the hair really turned out perfect... just like I had pictured! Another thing off the wedding to-do list!! VICTORY!!

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  1. Love the asymetricalness. Looks fantastic.

  2. You look stunning. And that fascinator is awesome! Love the colours.

  3. Tiffany, it's an elegant yet carefree do. Looking good!