Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 the North Tuesdays... Edition #4

Alright, let's get back into it... Canadian wedding elves! Again, my apolologies for my blogging hiatus, I've had a few other things on my plate as of late ;)... BUT, without further adieu, here we go..

2 the North Tuesdays - Edition #4
Fuller Edge Photography

I know I have already given shout outs to the infamous Canadian Photographers over at Still Motion, but I gotta tell you, the team at Fuller Edge is rockin' my world right now. After stumbling upon their site and fishing around, I came to realize that they are part of the Little Black Book over at Style Me Pretty... small world this whole blog land!! Anyways, about the team... they are a husband and wife team, who claim their style is a mix of "vintage and sexy"... honestly, I personally think they ooze sex... in an oh-so-fabulous way!! I LOVE their work, and the pics make me wish I was as sexy as their brides!! Feast your eyes friends: (NOTE: all pictures are from the Fuller Edge blog)

aren't these blue sequin shoes to die for?!

hello... bride on a piano?? I want that to be me!

gorgeous lighting!

this makes my heart swoon...

downtown Calgary... my home!

Love this pic on the river... definitely love the creative lighting!

So, I hope you have enjoyed the eye candy as much as I did!! Fuller Edge is based out of Calgary, AB (yup, I live here, nope they're not my photogs...). They do amazing work, I drool over their sexy photos, and I wonder, every time I look at these, what it would be like to be a sexy bride!! I love our photographers, but if I could have two weddings, these guys would shoot the second one!! Maybe they do boudoir?! If you are in the area, of having a wedding in the rocky mountains, contact Fuller Edge (and then send me some of your photos!!). Fuller Edge, another killer Canuck Wedding Elf!!

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