Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Montaintop Wedding - ahhhh... relaxed!

First of all, thanks for coming around! I know it has been nearly a month since my last post, and I am thankful that you are here to follow this bride's emotional journey :)

The last we left off, I was getting over some bridezilla frustration, and we were just getting started with the portraits. It's strange thinking back on this time, and although it really was just a photo shoot, it amazes me that it was so relaxing. I look at this next picture, and am just so thankful for my girls. They have been with me through the thick and thin of it all (we grew up together, so when I say "it all", it really does mean "it all"!) and having them looking GORGEOUS, trudging through a WET farmer's field on a pretty cold September day, all the while having their show-stopping smiles on, it makes perfect sense why it was so relaxing!
I have mentioned quite a few times that I love wheat fields. I was born and raised in Alberta, and the prairies (considered to be dull and boring by many), really do feel like home to me. Kevan and Duane ([6:8] Photography) promised me that we would see the wheat, and they came through! I love how in the next photo it is all wild and disheveled (my hubs refers to me as a disheveled mess all the time, so I extra like this wheat!), and then on the other side of the road (the last few photos), it is standing up strong and straight in defiance of the wind and rain... isn't wheat just so courageous?! (Yep, that's how much I love it!)

In this next photo, our crew was staying warm in the vehicles, and we were just having fun in the fields. Who woulda thought that after months of planning, tears, $$, and emotion, me walking through thigh deep WET grass/grain in a WHITE dress would be relaxing?! But it really was...

Look at the expressions on our faces in the next two shots (which, by the way, I believe to be genius!)... serious and intense in a way, but also simple and calm... man and wife... relax... relaxing... relaxed.

And, for a bit of fun, here is a shot of my hubs covering my butt as I walked back up to the cars with my dress (literally) around my waist! Our photogs thought it was hilarious, and even snapped a pic of my bare-bride-butt (that I probably won't share here)...

but that's what I'm trying to tell you all about... it was fun and relaxing. This might sound lame, but as I walked and sometimes RAN through the fields with my dress up and the wet grass/grain soaking me, it was not unlike that feeling of running around it wet running shoes in shorts and a tank top in that totally unexpected rain storm as a kid (ya, who am I kidding, as an adult too!). Were we getting married? Yes, but that didn't change us... we were still fun-lovin' peeps who have always loved the rain... relaxed in the rain... that's just how we play!

As always, photo credit goes to the amazing talent of [6:8] Photography.

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  1. You looked gorgeous! CONGRATS! Such beautiful pictures and I love how you described your feeling of still being you on your wedding day and not letting it change you :) Thats encouraging!

  2. oh i love those shots in the field with your party and the umbrellas! soooooooo lovely!

  3. Love, love these shots. So amazing. Funny how rain can change the tone of the pictures so dramatically!