Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Mountaintop Wedding - Anticipation

Wow... you are here... to the end of the formals! This has been a long journey of recaps, and more importantly, of emotion. As you have travelled with us chronologically the morning of the wedding, you have seen the amazing work of our photogs, [6:8] Photography, but I hope you have also felt the emotion of the day. The good, the bad, the ugly... and the amazing!! For those of you who have missed it and want to catch up, prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster...

  • The day started off calm as hair and make up got under way.
  • But with the reality that my wedding day had finally arrived, so too came some family issues that had been unresolved, and let's be honest, I was torn.
  • After making the best decision I knew how to at the time, I started to get excited to see my husband, and my heart went crazy pitter-patter
  • And seeing my husband for the first time brought everything to a stop... and it really was pure bliss
  • A bit of frustration with rain and transportation resulted in some flask-ing
  • and let's face it peeps, a bit of booze and umbrellas seems to calm things down... ahhhh-relaxed
  • My man was the coolest groom ever, and I couldn't have been more proud
  • And when we were reminded of a turning point in our relationship, we realized just how blessed we were to be marrying eachother
  • As the morning turned in to afternoon, we were surrounded by the most comforting emotion yet... familiar love
And if you're still with me, the journey brought us to our little trek in the trees. And at this time, their was really only one emotion in the air... anticipation. We had only a couple shots left before we drove back to the lodge to say our "I Do's". Admittedly, I kinda didn't want to go. Not because I didn't want to exchange vows, but because I was so LOVING hanging out with my groom...

It felt like it was the first time we had been together in MONTHS (*which was kinda true considering the lock-down I had been in prior to the wedding finishing my thesis and defending it), and I was kinda lovin it!

I knew, though, that sharing our vows with our friends and family would be such a special experience, and so we savored the last few moments alone in the forest...

And before heading back, I prepared myself to step into the wide world of WIFE... but let me be straight up here guys, I was also kinda thinking about the fact that in a few short minutes my dad would be walking me down the aisle with my mom, despite my mixed emotions on the topic, and I was preparing myself to be in the moment (sorry to bust up the picturesque dreaming of wedding bliss with harsh reality, but that's the way it went down). The anticipation of having my dad there was trying to take over, but it DIDN'T... it was present, but more importantly, the confident love that was streaming between my groom and I gave me all the confidence in the world to face my dad...

Because with him by side, want couldn't we take on??

Ya, we were ready... let's get this party started!!
All photo credits to Kevan and Duane of [6:8] Photography

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  1. These photos are STUNNING!!!!

  2. Gorgeous! Please tell me you will keep blogging because I just found you!

  3. Hi Ladies... thanks so much! You're too sweet!

    @ Hindsight Bride -> I will be around for a while yet as I finish all my recaps and projects, but not sure what will come when the story is told. Glad you're here now though, and I hope you keep coming back!!