Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Montaintop Wedding - Blessed

The recaps continue... I miss my wedding?! That sounds lame I know, but I really do miss the day, the preparation, the people, the laughter, the anticipation, the stress (I know... weird!), and most of all, I miss the images. Fernie was such a spectacular location for our wedding, and thankfully I have the pictures to look back on, but I really do miss being out on our wedding weekend soaking in the beautiful views of the peaks and valleys. Can you tell I haven't been out skiing yet this winter?!?! The house buying and long distance relationship have proved to put a damper on our extra curricular... i.e. getting out the mountains where we said our "I do"s.

So yes, this post has perfect timing, because it is a treat for me to share with you some of the most amazing pictures that Kev and Duane of [6:8] Photography shot for us... and the emotion of this moment really was blessed. We were so lucky that the weather cooperated with us, and that we were in one of the most beautiful spots in the world to spend time together on our wedding day. We were so blessed to be in Fernie!!

Caution... picture-heavy post!! Proceed at your own pace :)

I just love the color of the cliff face on this one... red dirt!!

Our photogs reassured us that the lighting would be perfect for the photos... and, well, we couldn't agree more!

The next picture is similar to the one that won us a canvas from [6:8] (thanks again for voting!!), but I just LOVE the white water in the river below. Funny story about this location... we didn't realize we would be going here, but this location is literally a stone's throw from where Ian and I dropped our rafts into the water when we went white water rafting VERY early in our relationship. I'm talking EARLY! OK, obviously there is a story behind this one. Well, to be perfectly honest, the first weekend we spent together in Fernie was a "let's get away from the day-to-day so we can actually talk about us, and whether or not we should make a go of our relationship". Yep, that early! We had started off pretty casually, and our first weekend in Fernie was a turning point... and obviously the road we turned on to lead to great things! So, it was really a full-circle-moment when we went back to this very location. Again, we realized how blessed we were that we had chosen to work on our relationship, chosen to be together, and chosen to love each other. As you can tell from the title of my blog, I believe our path is a purposeful one, and the hubs and my relationship is no different... conscious decisions and choices lead to us being together! So, there you have it... Fernie has seen many pivotal points in our relationship!
Sorry, got a bit off track there... here we go, the white water:

Caught in a moment of reflection...

And the two of us looking out onto the river that brought us together... how crazy was it that our photogs chose this location?! It still sends shivers down my back remembering walking onto that ledge and realizing when we had been there last!

Yep... blessed is the word! Thank-you Fernie... your landscapes, your weather, your skies, your clouds, and most of all, your place in our hearts!

And just for good measure... the boys trying to get me to be all fierce-like!! Tyra... help!

Who wouldn't want to get married here?!

So, with this post, I want to encourage all of you brides out there (yep, and you too guys!) to stick to your guns when you know where you want to get married. We were faced with some resistance to having our wedding in the mountains ("you're having a destination wedding?!" was the comment I hated the most during our planning!), but at the end of the day, we knew Fernie was where we were meant to get married. We absolutely love it there, and like the pictures show, it really is beautiful. We were blessed to be able to bring our family and closest friends to this place we love so dearly!!

As always, photo credit goes to the amazing talent behind [6:8] Photography. Thanks for giving us the gift of these images that I can go back to when I miss the peaks of Fernie!!

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  1. What a gorgeous place to get all the photos!

  2. Oh my goodness, how gorgeous were you! And the photos are just breathtaking. CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. Oh yea! You won the canvas! I voted for you - gorgeous shots.

  4. I'm speechless! Just gorgeous. The perfect backdrop.

  5. As always ladies, you are too generous!! Thanks for your oh-so-sweet sentiments!!