Friday, June 19, 2009

Spiked or virgin?!?!

Signature cocktail that is!! Our wedding ceremony starts at 4:30pm, immediately followed by a cocktail hour on the deck of our lodge, leading right into dinner and dancing at 7:00pm. That leaves us a good hour to hour and a half of cocktailing (our ceremony will be no longer than an hour), and we want it to be as simple, fun, casual as possible... and one thing that makes me nervous in cocktail hours or house parties is punch bowls! I am THAT GIRL, that ALWAYS spills, dribbles, splashes red beverage over myself, a white tablecloth, or, in the worst case, white carpet! So, while these look amazing, they make me nervous... (pictures from oncewed!!)

We could have our service staff pre-pour our signature cocktail (just want to clear things up about this whole signature cocktail thing... as trendy as it is, we think 'punch' is a great way to cut costs during cocktail hour, and if we put a wedding-ish name to it, a punch becomes a signature cocktail!), which looks really great, but still seems a bit fussy for me... looks nice though! (picture also from oncewed)

So... the best solution, that I can tell, are these gorgeous drink dispensers (these pictures were found at snippet and ink, top one from here, and the second one from here)

Perfect right?? Well, I found some beauties on ebay... and while some were pretty prices (think $80-ish), I found this one for $20...

We bought two of these glass drink dispensers, one for a spiked version of the punch, and one for non-alcoholic!! Sooooo excited!! What are you doing for cocktail hour? Self service? Bar staff? Are you doing punch, or something special?

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  1. This is exactly what we're going for! I'm still searching for appropriate (and reasonably priced) glass dispensers, and I'm reassured to hear you came across some on eBay! Do you plan to have a "bartender" serve the drinks, or will the guests serve themselves? Also, are you going to move them from the cocktail hour into the reception, or do you have something different planned for dinner? These are just some questions that have been on my mind ... :)

  2. Hi Emily... check out this ebay seller:

    They still have some of the $20 ones we got, and as much as they say that there are blemishes on the glass, I think they are awesome!

    We will have our bartenders set the bar up while we are doing the ceremony, but I think these will be easy enough to do self-service from. I think our guests will be fine to pour their own. We will also have beer and coolers in an ice tub for self-service, and probably self-serve wine. We are doing our own appetizers, and they will also all be self-service! Can you tell we are going for the low-maintenance approach?!

    The deck we are doing cocktails leads right into the reception area, so we will call everyone in for dinner aroun 7:00pm. I hope everything goes smoothly!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Tiffany! I'll definitely check out the eBay link.

  4. I love the glass jars full of drinks, so fun!

    *I just found your blog (and I think its awesome!) from One Barefoot Bride, and wanted to invite you to check out my blog...

    maybe we can add each other to our blogrolls? And feel free to request a board!

  5. Whoa, I love these drink dispensers. I wonder if my venue would be cool with that. I'll have to see. Thanks for sharing!