Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Which way to the... table?!

Seating charts... wait!! Don't leave!! I know this isn't the most glamorous of topics, and probably one of the biggest hassles of wedding planning (especially since it haunts us as the days tick away, when our weddings our just around the corner!), BUT, I am determined to at least make this creative, if not fun!!

Our wedding in the mountains is nothing too formal, uppity, or glamorous. It is really a weekend for family fun, and a little deal called a wedding ceremony. While stationary and calligraphy make my heart melt, let's face it, they really don't belong at our wedding. We have (or will) bucked tradition when it came to our save the dates, invites, dessert, menu, bridesmaid dresses... and well, the list goes on I guess! Some of the amazing seating charts done by the bride-land-famous calligraphers are truly pieces of art, but we are looking for something just a bit different!! Here a few ideas out there that have perked my interest:

all from here... and while I am not personally into race cars (my man is though?!), and even though the airport style is a bit confusing, these ideas really show the personality of the bride and groom.
The next one is, well, swoooon-worthy!! This is from one of those A-list calligraphers I mentioned, Miss Laura Hooper of Laura Hooper Calligraphy, and A Lucky Orchid Wedding.

Dreamy right?? ya, I know!!

Well, to make a long story shot... I contacted Laura, and described my vision of a hiking trail through the mountains inspired seating chart, and, suffice it to say, this was not an option for us!! I'm talking almost as much $$ as my wedding dress... and yes, I bought by dress on ebay, but still. A seating chart can NOT even come CLOSE to the cost of my wedding dress!!

So what's a girl to do?!?! Well, you might remember Sarah from sarahNwonderland (shout out to etsy!!). She created the graphic for our save the date (shown above), and she was awesome (read... totally affordable) to work with!! She is clearly a talented girl (also did some work for my girl Dana, aka. The Broke Ass Bride, shown below), and I can totally picture an awesome, whimsical, unique seating chart created by her... can't you?!

from here

Soooo, I have sent Sarah an email to request (ie... beg and plead for) her services again, for our table seating chart!! I don't know yet if she is on board... but please keep your fingers crossed for me that she will be willing to do such a job (which, sidenote, is way out of her normal repertoire, but heh, it never hurts to ask right?!).

I will update you as soon as I hear from her!!

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  1. wow! those are wonderfully unique designs! good luck with that...seating charts I don't even know how to approach or think about that yet.

    thanks for the compliments on my bridal pictures :-) I love that flower too.

  2. i came to visit your blog, and discovered we have the same wedding date! cool!! i'm looking forward to reading more about your wedding progress as the day gets closer (and closer, closer). aah!