Saturday, April 4, 2009

One last step... you're invited!!

So, as I previously mentioned, the invitation design process was one of many iterations. BUT, with patience, I came up with a final design, one that I was quite happy with. There is certainly no denying that our wedding invite was NOT part of a modern, custom designed, invitation suite that I allowed myself to swoon over a few too many times, but, in the end, I came in UNDER budget, have an invitation that keeps with the theme of our mountain wedding, and ultimately, looks pretty good!

The final graphic, created using Photoshop:
I bought 3 different papers to create the look, and all paper was purchased from Box Paper Scissors, an adorable shop in Kensington, Calgary. For any Calgary brides that are looking for paper supplies, unique gifts and cards, or, in my wildest dreams, that perfectly modern, sophisticated invitation suite, you must go here... they do amazing work!!

So, for our invites, the final size was to be 5x7", which fits into the standard A7 envelope. The lovely designer at Box Paper Scissors advised on the best dimensions for a 3 layer look, which in the end, was set up as follows:
  • base layer (5x7"): bronze metallic cardstock; 2x25 page packages ($25.85/package)

  • middle layer (4.5x6.5"): malachite (like an emerald green) metallic text paper; 2x25 page packages ($15.75/package)
  • top graphic layer (4.25x6.25"): ivory (with gold tones) metallic text paper; 2x25 page packages ($15.75/package)

So the total I spent on paper was $120.44, with enough to make 100 invites (I am only making 75, so I still have a bit of paper to use for other projects (menus, programs, etc). I still need to purchase envelopes and stamps, but so far, I am well under budget ($200)!! Yay me!!

Ok, ok, enough of budget talk, let's see the final product... I have to warn you though, my little digital camera does not do such a great job with metallic paper, so the quality of these shots is pretty crap... but hopefully you like what you see!!

So, you can see what I mean about the crap quality of the pics, but at least they give you an idea of the dimensions of the boarders, and the final look. The paper is gorgeous, I love the metallic finish, and the colors of the paper brought out the colors in the graphics. The cutting, the double sided tape, the eyeballing getting the layers straight... it was a lot of work, but in the end, I like the final product.

Tell me what you think... d'ya like??

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