Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A heavenly perch

So, my man and I have decided to fore go the option of having a ring bearer or flower girl, mainly because we are trying to keep things simple, and because my little brother and sister, who filled those jobs at my sisters wedding, are getting a bit old to do it now, and my nephew who would be my first choice, is just too little. So, this should mean that we don't need a ring pillow right?? Well, this get-out-of-jail-free card was a sigh of relief until I saw this:
I originally saw the post over at weddingbeePRO, then found the bride's blog, and ultimately found the website of the amazing designer, LLubav. This is simply beautiful. Honestly, the thought of paying ANY money for a sleazy white satin pillow with a colored ribbon holding onto our rings made me cringe. But this pillow is dreamy. Sent from heaven like a Westin mattress, all for the comfort of our symbols of love. Did I mention I love it?? Well, I am sure it is out of our price range (a design deposit is $50), but for those of you out there who have a bit more cash to spend, seriously check this girl out. She does tonnes of other great things too, like garland and headbands... adorable!!

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  1. it's official. our taste = beyond fabulous (I posted an ENTIRE inspiration board awhile back because I was obsessed with the ring's the same designer. seriously.)

    I don't think we're going to have a flower girl or ringer bearer at our shin dig either. it's sortof a bummer. I just don't see the family members with the little one's making the trek out to Arizona from the various places they the pocket of the bestie boy those rings will go. (what we do with these glorious little handmade perfections anyway, afterwards?)

    actually - they could be really cute toothfairy pillows (just add a pocket) on the bottom or something. Enough enough.