Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dressing up the honeymoon...

OK, I can't help it... I can't stop thinking about honeymoon wardrobe!! Trust me, I am oh-so-well-aware of the endless lists of things I need to get done before I even START to think about packing for our honeymoon, but I can't stop... I can't!! Random vintage photos of bride and groom smartly dressed running off together after their wedding to a destination unknown are so compelling, I can't help but wonder what we will look like as we board the plane on our honeymoon. Without telling you where we are going (yes, our flights are booked!!), I can tell you this much... I have a very clear vision of what I will be wearing. From the bedroom to the beach, I have images floating through my head regularly of what I will wear. It will be romantic and fashionable, easy and comfy, cool and casual, and 100% honeymoon!!

Normally, when I receive my Victoria's Secret catalogue in the mail, I breeze through the lingerie, skip the clothes, and hit the bathing suits. BUT, this time was different. I earmarked more than one picture in the clothing section for honeymoon attire... I know right... VS clothes?? I have purchased many bikinis from VS (it's really the only place I buy them from now), and of course lingerie, but buying clothes has never even been a passing thought. Well my friends, these images are changing my mind... can you tell from these pics where we are honeymooning??

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  1. I love VS clothing and own a ton of it. They have great sales which really helps.