Monday, April 20, 2009

My bride crush... and my shoes!!

So, inevitably, with the overwhelming amount of wedding porn out here in cyberspace, you will crush, swoon, envy, dream, drool, even whimper over some of the dresses, shoes, rings, flowers, stationary, or food posted on bridal-blogs. Have you ever had a downright crush on a bride?? I have!! I'm talking, make your heart skip a beat, red in the cheeks imagining what it would be like to be her for a day, looking at yourself in the mirror and wondering if you could ever look so dreamy... oh ya, I have a serious bride crush!!

I first met Beka over at Snippet and Ink, where her stunning wedding to Jesse was documented. This wedding is clearly an out-of-my-league wedding, complete with calligraphed invitations and a custom painted dance floor, Armani and Louboutins, and surprise vintage cocktail rings, but still, I dream of being her. Just look at this picture of her getting her hair done...
I still get little pitter-patters in the ol' heart when I see that picture.
Don't even get me started on the shoes people... come on, these are simply the PERFECT wedding shoes... ever!! Here's a close up:
Hers of course are Louboutins, and her sister's are Manolos... definitely an out-of-my-league-er!! These next pictures really seem to capture her confident sophistication. In my bride-crush love story, she is young, but wise beyond her years, and is comfortable knowing she has met her soul mate. She is exquisite and unique, fashionable and understated, and secretly, I think she has a wicked sense of humour (I wasn't lying when I told you this was a serious crush!!). Her beau is her best friend and confident (not to mention cute!), and together they are bliss.

I just wonder what it would be like to be so friggin beautiful...

So, where has the bride-crush left me?? Well, I know I am not her, and our wedding is definitely not theirs, but rest assured, she has inspired me in one small way... well, maybe two! First, I absolutely adore her hair... I like it in that 2nd picture, where she is still getting it done... half down. I haven't had a hair trial, but I will definitely be taking that picture in for inspiration. But the major inspiration came from those shoes. It is out of the question for us to be spending Louboutin $$ on footwear, considering our small small small budget, but I swear to gosh, if I had scene those shoes in a store, I probably would have died and gone to heaven (and charged them!!). But, suffice it to say, I am not the proud of these amazing shoes... (PS, I am definitely NOT the only bride swooning over these... they were also posted over at Elizabeth Anne in blue)

Now, I had told myself explicitly that I would only buy shoes if I found just the ones for me, and that I would wear something out of my massive shoe closet if I didn't find the fabulous pair that I dreamed about. I knew I would know when I saw them, and this ended up being true. I had my eye out for my-wedding-shoe when I found these... first pair I tried on, and they are perfect!!
I adore my shoes... they are purple satin t-straps with a gorgeous rose-bud at the toe. I found them at Town Shoes, and just knew they would be perfect. They look amazing withe the purples in my hair piece, and add that perfect little pizazz to my ivory outfit!! Whatcha think?? Crush worthy?? Well, definitely crush inspired!! Have you crushed over any bride in particular?? What did they inspire you to do??

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  1. I think these shoes are amazing! I just found your blog and loving all the photos, off to read more!

  2. yea - she is one hottness of a bride - but from the looks of how things are going with you my dear, your sleek chic style will leave you looking spectacular no doubt. who knows, perhaps you will be someone's bride crush someday *awwwww*

    loooooooove the shoes. have you thought about wearing high heels in soil (as in not cement?) just make sure you don't sink in and snap the heel!

  3. I'm totally understanding the crush! :)

  4. Oh, I love that bride too! And your shoes are just awesome!