Thursday, April 30, 2009


So if you read my post about wedding stress, marriage, and love, you had a glimpse into the day that was our engagement pictures!! Although the lead up to the shoot was shaky at best, I did eventually find something to wear that I was pretty happy with, I did remember to enjoy the moment, and yes, I (we) did end up having a blast! Our photographers, Kevan and Duane from 6:8 Photography have been the objects of my affection since I first saw their work back in September. Actually, it was these pictures, of Zoe and Quinn, who got married at our wedding venue, that really hit me... (PS... check out our venue... gorgeous right??)

all pictures from 6:8 Photography

Kevan and Duane have shot some really amazing engagement sessions too, ranging from nature-inspired to edgy urban shoots. Here are some of my favorites from their e-sessions...

the nature pics:
and the urban beauties:

Of course, all pictures borrowed from 6:8 Photography

So, with our wedding being in the mountains, the urban pics really sent me a droolin... please please please can we have graffiti and parkades in our e-pics?!?!

Stay tuned today (I swear I promise I will be back!!) for OUR session... I think you will likey :)

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  1. those pictures are sooooo amazing. Your venue is breathtaking! Are you guys going to have your ceremony on that deck, or in front of that chapel-like window??

  2. Hello fellow lady gumboots,
    your wedding was beautiful.
    Aren't the boys AMAZING!? Nearly dropped dead when I saw the photos.