Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My little bride elves...

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The wedding is... wait for it... 68 days away!! YIKES!! That means the PhD defense is 58 days away... OMG!! Ya, some things have GOT to get done asap!! I have been feeling a bit like a drunk Santa these days... my thoughts about gifts are blurred by the intoxication that is finishing a thesis, planning a wedding, and oh ya, training for a marathon (honest, more to come on that soon!). I can't keep track of which little kids have been good this year, and which ones deserve coal in their wedding-sock! Every time I go to talk to my elves about who's been naughty or nice, I seem to be nursing a hangover... I need to splash some water on my face, gargle with some Scope, and get on with things... I have got to make a list and check it twice...

OK, we know for sure that my girls have been nice... these bridesmaids have been my saving grace, mostly on an emotional level since they live 3 hrs away and aren't exactly involved in the planning process. I have told you about the photo books I plan on giving them... well, the second part (not sure how many parts their will be in the end...) I have been swooning over for quite some time... say hello to Jewels of Luxury!! Shout out to etsy... the ultimate elf headhunter!!
(all images are from the etsy store... check it out!)

I found these amazing vintage timepieces-turned jewellery that I knew I had to give to my girls... to me, these vintage watch-rings signify our years together. The time between the four of us is like gold, and I wanted to give the girls a piece that resembled our years together... these vintage timepieces really spoke of history, years, countless memories... plus, let's face, they are edgy and different!! I hope the girls will love them as much as I do! The three rings are for, in order, by sister and maid of honour, my cousin and bridesmaid P-ah, and my cousin and bridesmaid JB.

The next name on the list (ok... let's face it, he is right up at there at the top of the list!!) is of course my man! I had really hoped to be able to find a way to afford him a gorgeous Tag watch... they are his favorite!! But let's face it, after 10 years in university ladies, the purse strings are tight enough to suspend an overweight tight-rope walker carrying huge buckets of water!! I simply can NOT afford a $2-3000 watch!! So, I was hoping that the vintage charm of these cuff links will show him my intent, and look down right sexy on our wedding day! Yes, these cuff links will be part of his wedding-day-present, in honour of his Tag watch that he will get as soon as I can afford it, and also in representation of our journey, because, as we say, for us it was all about timing!!

And since we're shopping, I know that these cuff links are the PERFECT gift for my brother-in-law, who is our DJ, catering equipment guy (he works in restaurant equipment sales and is hooking us up HUGE with dishes, etc... to save us major $$), our slide show mixer, general go-to guy on the day of, and jokingly, our ring bearer (ok, not so jokingly... we had really wanted him to officiate for us, but in Canada this really isn't possible, so then we told him he could be our ring bearer... my nephew -his son- is a bit young for the job, but we might have him walk him down the aisle with the rings... yet to be determined!). Bottom line, he is a big help, and I know these cuff links will rock his world!!So, to recap... this etsy elf has helped me cross off portions of my man's gift, my bridesmaids gifts, and crossed off my bro-in-law gift!! Yay for me!!

What elf have you gone to when checking your list twice?? Who's been naughty and who's been nice?? Is it hard to keep track of who is getting gifts??

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  1. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I love the jewelry--I'm going to have to check out this etsy seller!
    Best Wishes

  2. what a GREAT idea for your fiance. very original

  3. I love that fox timepiece! Cool findings!

  4. Hey All!
    Glad to hear you're diggin the jewellery... I hope the recipients love them too!!

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