Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DISCOUNT... INKUBOOKs for bride-on-purpose readers!

Hey All!! So, I was about to jump up and down shouting "my first contest my first contest!!", until I realized this is even better... "it's a coupon, it's a coupon, for all of you, my dearest readers!!". Whew, got a bit lightheaded there... it's too early in the morning to jump up and down shouting about contests! But, I hope I got your attention!!
Inkubook has generously offered all of you, bride-on-purpose readers, $10 off your inkubook order! Considering how reasonable their prices already are, this is a screaming deal!! All you have to do is enter the coupon code BRIDEOP (get it, BRIDE On Purpose) when you check out, and you get 10 smackers off an order of $30 or more!!
I have already told you about the inkubooks I made for our guest book, and then as a gift for my mom and sister for the trip to New Orleans they surprised me with... and yes, I did get a bit giddy with the whole inkubook widget! The project that started it all has yet to be revealed, but trust me, the bridesmaid gift books I have made (and just ordered) will be shared with you all soon!! I am sure many of you are waiting to hear about my review of the two books I have already ordered, so stay tuned... real live review coming up today!!
Go on, run over to inkubook and take advantage of this awesome offer!

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