Friday, July 31, 2009

it's me, the PhD Candidate... I can't find the bride?!

Hey All...

Thanks for being patient while I finish my thesis...

6 days and counting!!
Things are coming together, I have decided I won't quit, and I will actually finish... MAN, it has been a TOUGH road!! I totally understand now why so many people never finish their dissertation... it's killer!!
So, to encourage me along, my '15 minutes for eating lunch' has turned into 'please oh please make me laugh... anyone... someone?!' (all comics from here)

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  1. wow. i'm done with it, but believe me, i know how it's like ! good luck with your dissertation! :) my fiance is also finishing up his by end of august.

  2. oh wow! I'm right there with you!!! The bride has COMPLETELY vanished into the ether of social theory. I was so looking forward to this summer, but it's been coompletely taken up with writing and revising. I've got exactly two weeks, and half of that will be spent traveling to a friend's wedding. Very best of luck to you! Keep the pedal to the metal - you can sleep when you're done! :)
    GO GO GO GO GO!!!!

  3. I am in my Master's program and am spending teh next year finishing up my Thesis. And planning my wedding. I sooo feel you.

  4. Thanks so much for your support ladies... it really is amazing how comforting it is to know I am not the only one dealing with thse two major life- changing things at once!! Can't wait to tell you all about it!

  5. lol... love the graphics/comics! Thanks!

  6. oh man...i will be in your shoes next summer...when I take my medical boards two weeks before my wedding...two weeks before I graduate and become a doctor too. I can't barely keep my mind focused on school/clinic NOW...I will be a nutcase closer to the wedding.

    you can do it!

  7. hope you made it through!! can't wait for updates.

  8. Ew about the cleanliness joke!