Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trail Map?? Nope, it's a seating chart!!

Wahoo... another DIY item close to being checked!! OK, the only progress I have made is got the final image from one of my favorite wedding elves, SarahNWonderland (shout out to etsy!!)... but that is still progress. The DIY part will come next, but it should be simple!! OK, stop rambling, what is this all about you ask?!?! Well, remember a little while back I told you about my search for the fun, unique, mountain inspired seating chart?? And remember how I told you that Sarah agreed to do some more of her amazing work for us in the form of a seating chart?? Well, she has done it again!! Feast your eyes dear friends...

WHA-WHAT?!?! That's what I'm talking about!! I am seriously loving it!! I told Sarah I didn't want it to look like tables at all, but more like a hiking trail map through the mountains! The "tables" are represented by mountain-worthy 'items' like birds, rocks, trees, tents, and oh ya, a picnic table where we happen to be sitting!! The layout of these "tables" represents the actual layout of our reception room (yes, I have laid it out already!!), so the tables should be easy to find! Table 2 is where us, our wedding party, and our wedding party's significant others will be sitting (NOTE how we are NOT sitting at the front of the room where everyone can watch us eat!!), and the rest of the tables are appropriately marked!

(PS... wondering why that picture of the hiking groom and bride looks familiar?? She incorporated the same graphic from our Save The Date!!)

We will be using large rocks (well, not crazy huge or anything, but big enough to paint the table numbers on) which will act as our table markers. How will people know which table they are sitting at?? Relax grasshoppers... more details to come soon!! For now, just revel in the absolute personality of what could be (and normally IS), a rather boring component of wedding decor!! If anyone out there is interested in spicing things up, Sarah is definitely your girl (THIS IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT... I just really, really love her work, and she is great to work with!!). OH, and PS, I haven't seen the final bill yet... but rest assured, this girl is AFFORDABLE (think $40-ish for that custom graphic!!)!! Send some love her way, and definitely let your imagination run wild!! Even if you don't have the graphic design skills to make your wildest wedding-ideas come true, Sarah can bring them to life!! Again... her etsy store can be found here!!

What do you think?? How have you used non-wedding elves in wedding-elf type ways??

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  1. oh wow, thats awesome... I really love that idea!

  2. Thanks ladies!! I am pretty excited about it :)