Friday, July 24, 2009

A deep, dark hole...

(my own picture... I have a serious fascination with clouds and wheat fields, so this pic, even though dark and looming, really makes me happy!)

... that's where I'll be, in case anyone is wondering!! It has been a very difficult time the last couple of weeks, as I try to figure out HOW HOW HOW I will get my thesis done by August 5th, but I am forging ahead, and WILL NOT QUIT!! I will be back with a vengeance when this is done, cause y'all know I have to kick my wedding butt into HIGH GEAR!! Time's a tickin!! I hope you will come back to visit in about 12 days when I will have officially delivered my little baby (although right now this sucker feels like a 20 pounder... if ya know what I'm saying!!).

I also just wanted to say welcome to the new faces around here... glad to have you! sorry to leave so soon after your arrival, but make yourself at home, get caught up on the happenings of this bride-on-purpose, and I will be back even before the end of cocktail hour!!

see ya on the flip side (not married, but one step closer to being a doctor!!)

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  1. OUU such a beautiful picture.
    YAY for being closer to Dr. Bride On Purpose!!!