Friday, June 12, 2009

Rock it out!!

If I was a rocker-chic bride I would...

... have a dramatic e-session with balloons and hobo-circus inspired attire

... wear a killer black t-shirt to my rehearsal

... drive myself to my own reception in a rockin pick-up

... then take decidedly chic portraits in that same pick-up

... I would build a pyramid with my best mates... with me on top of course ;)

... I would definitely rock the bloomers, and jump real high so everyone could seem them

and most importantly, if I were a rocker chic bride...
... I would dance till I was good and sweaty!!

all photos from here

To see all the amazement of this wedding, run, don't walk, over to Josh Goleman's site!! I was first directed to this site by Snippet and Ink (PS... thanks for the directions... this was amazing!!)

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