Thursday, May 7, 2009

What about this as a backdrop??

So one of our photographers (Kevan, of Kevan and Duane from 6:8 Photography) emailed me the other day, to ask me about our plans for photography for the wedding day. He wanted to suggest a location that was spectacular, but needed ~ 35 minutes (and a 4x4) to reach. The pros were... amazing photos, totally different from our engagement pictures, oh, and did I mention spectacular shots?? The cons were... took a bit of time to drive to, which would cut back on the number of shots we got in Fernie, and we needed a 4x4 to get there. BUT, to these I would argue, Fernie is cute and all, but let's face it, we are there for the mountains, not the 1 street downtown. We got our engagement pics done all urban-ed up, so we really aren't concerned about getting any skyscrapers in our pictures (of course there aren't any anyways in Fernie). And is a 4x4 trek on your wedding day ever a con?? I say heck-no, let's crack a road-pop while we're at it!! (PS... road poppin in Western Canada is totally legit, although never legal!!)

How spectacular would the shots be you ask?? Well, feast your eyes bride-buds...

(picture borrowed from Kevan's email, props to 6:8 Photography)

Not bad right?? The only thing I posed to Kevan was my deep, undying love of wheat, and all things grass/fields/meadows... and he assured me that we would get our meadow shots!! He suggested we set-up our 'first-look' shots in a field (since we are doing our photos before the ceremony), and then go from there.

So, what do you all think?? Is the 30 minute drive worth it?? I think the beauty of the location speaks for itself, and since we have allotted a very generous 3 hours for photos, I think we should be ok... but would love to hear your thoughts on this one!! help!!

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  1. Absolutely! Do it! No question at all, with such amazing scenery your photos will be so spectacular! Totally worth the 30 minute drive.

  2. 30 minutes is 1 hour total of your 3 hour photo session after the wedding. I used 68 photography as well and would recommend a full 3 hours of pictures with them.

  3. Hi Anonymous... thanks for your perspective! Would love a little bit more info from you considering your experience... How much time did you have for photos? Did you do photos before/after your ceremony? Did you use multiple locations for your photos or stick to one? Thanks for any additional tips :)

  4. I don't know what road-poppin is...???

    I like that you guys are doing the pictures ahead of the ceremony and stuff - AND I like that you are interested in going to other places for pictures as I am interested in doing the same thing. See, we will be getting married ON The mountain, therefore, no pics WITH the pretty mountain in the background. I love it. You gotta do it - it'll make for a rockin' "road-poppin" adventure!