Monday, May 11, 2009

Hello old friend

My dress is currently being stored at my sister's house, which is in a city 3 hours away from me... so needless to say, sometimes I wonder about her, how she is doing, how she feels, and occasionally, I wonder how she is fitting (read: have I gained/lost anything that is affecting how gorgeous she will look on September 6th!!). I have only tried her on about 4 times since I bought her online (that's 4 times total I have tried on ANY wedding dress), and it has been a good couple of months since I have seen her... until today!!The pictures were found over at Style Me Pretty... and definitely go check out this post... many great shots of the beautiful wedding over there!!

I am still in love with my dress, and when I see such gorgeous pictures of it, it makes me smile!! It also makes me hungry.... you can tell the dress doesn't leave anything to the imagination!! MUST STOP EATING CHOCOLATE!!!

Have a great day!!

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