Wednesday, May 6, 2009

She Weds She Weds... that's Miss Budget Savvy Bride!!

Jessica, aka Budget Savvy Bride, got married on the weekend, and she has been posting quick sneak peaks of the pics the last couple of days, and I just watched the slideshow from their photogs... seriously, you have to check it out!! The emotion captured in the pictures is beyond... just beyond raw! The happy couple look like they are in a state of bliss the whole day... and the details... WOW! This wedding makes me wonder how I will feel on our day. I have been following Jessica's blog since, well, since I got into wedding blogs, so in a strange way, I do feel like I know her. So when I saw the pictures, I felt like it was all coming true... all of her hopes and dreams for her wedding day. I hope I will be as relaxed as she looks in these pictures, and while I am sure the day flew by, it looks like she was present the whole time, soaking it up... I want to be able to do that!! I hope she was able to appreciate all the details that came together so perfectly... the colors so coherent, the wine labels and programs, her jewellery... was she able to really see it all?? I hope so, because she did a great job, and she deserved to revel in it!! WOW!!
PS... I am getting married in 4 months today!!! HOLY CRAP it is coming up fast!!! I will be back soon (honest) to update you on the latest in the planning!!!

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