Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Are you there venue... it's me, bride!

We haven't been out to our venue (3 hour drive away) since New Years, and like my dress, I have been missing it lately. With all the wedding planning that has been surging through our heads/bodies/and home, really all I want to do is curl up in front of the gorgeous picture window where we will be having our ceremony... and RELAX!! BUT, no rest for the weary... this PhD has some serious momentum, and wedding to-dos are getting checked off the list as efficiently as possible. So until I feel even remotely confident that I will in fact finish this PhD on time, for now, well, it's just day dreaming about the beauty that is our wedding venue... the Elk View Lodge!!

Well, our boys over at 6:8 have done it for me again... pictures that will, at least for the rest of the day, inspire my daydreaming, have popped up on their site. They did a whole blog post on our venue, and answered my question... are you there venue, it's me bride?! Yup, she's still there, in all her glory... check her out!!

from the driveway:

... where the magic of the ceremony will go down

yup, this is part of the dining area for the reception... we will be using rectangular tables, and will have the room to the left of the window (shown below) for extra space...

This is the second room. This will be our chillaxin zone for the rest of the weekend when we don't need to fit 120 people for dinner... gorgeous right??

Check out my master bath people... holla!! Can you say pamper me dear hired help?? YUP, I will be soaking in the star treatment in this beauty! Might need to wake up a few hours early to accomplish all the pampering I plan on accomplishing!!

And finally, the kitchen!! I am MAJOR into cooking, so it is safe to say that the day before the wedding, I will be getting my nerves-killer-cookin on!! The kitchen is my safe place in times of stress... cut, fry, bake, saute, slice, grate... oh yeah baby!! This is definitely gonna see some magic over the weekend!!

So, there you have it... my venue-spiration for today!! I hope thinking of your venue puts a smile on your face as big as mine is now!! Thanks Kevan and Duane for these little treats on this otherwise grey and gloomy day!!

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