Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let the parties begin!!

My first bride-party has come and gone... and it was A-MA-ZING!! Two years ago when my sister got married, my mom and I surprised her with a trip to San Francisco, a girls weekend, a mother daughter bonding trip, bride celebration. Well, the tradition continued this past weekend! The destination was a surprise, and a complete hit!!Yup... my girls hit the top of my cities-in-the-states-to-visit-list with an amazing long weekend in New Orleans. How fitting right, considering our Cajun inspired menu!! And boy let me tell you, we ate up as much inspiration as we could... food and music for 3 full days... bliss!! Yes, the pants all got a bit tighter on this little trip, but let's face it, it was soooo worth it!!

That's the three of us at the Court of Two Sisters Jazz Brunch for our first New Orleans dining experience. We sampled some of New Orleans' classics, including crawfish, bread pudding, cornbread, and the most amazing stewed sweet potatoes.... ummmm, hola!! This stuff was beyond a food experience... it was a lather-up-my-thighs-with-fat-cause-I-don't-care-how-many-calories-are-in-here experience!! I thought it would be a unique addition to our dessert buffet. Well, get this ladies, I filled in a comment card (glowingly of course, because the food and service were spectacular!!), and requested the recipe for this heavenly treat, and literally, the day I got home, they had emailed it to me... wahoo!! I see stewed sweet potatoes in our wedding guests' future!!

I will post a whole wack of pics soon, but since I have been off work for 5 days, it is time for me to hit the books!! Stay posted!!

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