Friday, May 21, 2010

Is it possible?!?!

That I am actually back to continue the journey that have been recaps?? Well, ALMOST!! I am back, and I will continue recapping, but I wanted to let you in on a lil secret...

It has been hard.

There you have it. That's the plain-ol-up-front-no-hiding-TRUTH!! What's been hard? Life after wedding has been hard! Not just the post-wedding blues... we have gone through some shit. The hubs and I have been living long distance since we got back from our honeymoon. We bought a house.... a SECOND house. Yep, 2 mortgages :( We renovated one of those houses. We moved out of one and rented it (YAY... no more 2 mortgages!). We both started new jobs. I applied for a got denied a dream job. The hubs quit his job and needs to relocate a business. We struggled with communication. We worked through it. We made some tough decisions about babies. We have dealt with the ongoing drama of alcoholism in my family. This has brought up some bad memories from the wedding. There you have it... it's been hard!

But then I think about the journey from here...
to here:
(that's us the day we handed over the original house to our new renters... and closed the door on the renovated beauty! personal photo)
And I realize that it's ok. It's better than ok... it's a success!! The amazing part of this journey, is that we have come out STRONGER, happier, and totally confident about our future. There are still many unknowns (JOBS, timing of babies, etc!!) but the one thing we know to be true will get us through the rough patches... and that's our love and commitment to eachother. So I finally feel like I can start telling you all about the wedding again. The wedding high is over, but the amazing memories will truly last a lifetime. There are some not-so-beautiful memories, and you know that you get the straight up truth here, so I will share those with you too... and more importantly, I will share with you how the emotions have translated into the everyday too.
So, if you're still around, thanks for hanging on... I really do want to share this whole shit-and-caboodle (sorry, don't know where that came from... my mom used to say that, and it literally just popped into my head!) with you!

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  1. Yay!! THAT is teamwork. Working together - lifting each other up - helping one another cope - and sharing in the journey. That is real love.

    I'm excited you are back.