Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My new Gym-in-a-Bag!!

So, there are many brides out there who are helping to motivate the rest of us bloggers to get fit and fabulous for our wedding day, and here is the latest edition!! I was waiting to be the official owner of the TRX system before I endorsed it on the internet, but I have actually been using the system with my trainer for the last month... ladies, this is serious business!!

I have always been a gym rat, and continue to be, but the TRX has taken my training to a whole new level. The main premise behind this Navy Seals developed training system, is using suspension. That's right, this is all about using your body as the machine. Every movement that you perform requires immense focus, stability, and strength, but you can adjust the degree of difficult simply by adjusting the vectors (you can tell the engineer in me likes this product!) by repositioning your body relative to the anchor of the system. This system develops crazy balance, core strength, and overall strength... every day I use this I feel the micro-tears all over my body. For those of you just starting out, or if you're like me and really needed a new challenge in the gym, you need to check out this product!

OK, that was my rant... I swear, I am not employed by TRX, just passionate about it. How does this relate to all you brides and maids? This could be the fun, versatile, and challenging tool you are looking for. You know on those days where you are running around with your bride-binder calling on vendors, or the day you spend hunched over the paper cutter repeatedly measuring, cutting and stacking your invites/programs, or the day where you realize you're only a couple months from your wedding day and your arms are just not looking as cut as you would like, well, in comes the TRX. If you even spent 15 minutes on this thing, you will feel worked-over (in a good way, not in the way that your printer smeared the ink on your expensive invite paper!). This isn't a quick fix regime, as I always still encourage cardio training, but it is an extremely effective way to get your body functioning at an entirely new level. This has taken my bridal-bootcamp up a notch, and I can't wait to share my progress with you all... and the best part, my two week vacation in Costa Rica starting on Friday does NOT mean I miss even a single workout... my TRX was the first thing into my suitcase!!

What are you ladies doing to spice up your workout, and keep you motivated in the months leading up the wedding??

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