Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Menu (part 2)

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The menu has, like most elements of our planning so far, not come together without some bumps. We knew we wanted to serve fun food, in a casual, homey environment. While the wedding will still be a classy affair, it is definitely more rustic-chic than casual elegance. It's a wedding in the mountains, with all of our family and closest friends by our side... and we want the food to reflect our excitement at having our nearest-and-dearest celebrating with us!

Before the details, I must comment on working with caterers. The Lodge that we have booked has an in-house caterer (ok, he's not technically in-house, but he is their go-to-chef for weddings) that we were strongly encouraged to use. After speaking with said-chef, it became clear that his plan was really not in line with ours... our conversation went something like this:

chef: "Prices start at $38.50/head for a 3 course meal"

me: "Ok, that's great, but we only need you to do a 1 course meal, as we will be DIYing the cocktail hour and dessert"

chef: "Oh, you have to serve a 3 course meal... this is a wedding"

me: "But we don't want 3 courses"

chef: "No no no, it's a wedding, that is how it's done"

me: "I don't care how it's done, I want to do things my way, in budget, with you saying 'yes maam' the whole way" ... OK, that was what Bridezilla said in my head, but you get the idea as to how I was feeling!!

So what did we do?? ... found another caterer!! Listen ladies, this is your day, and regardless of what the wedding industry will have you believe, you don't need to serve your guests the standard hotel-style 3 course meal, just because that is "how it's done". If you like this type of meal, go for it, but if you have your own ideas, you will (and MUST) find a vendor that will work with you, not against you!

So, introducing the new caterer... Donna Marie. This is how our conversation went:

me: "I don't want the typical 3 course wedding meal"

DM: "Great, what did you have in mind?"

me: "A fun, family style cajun meal!"

DM: "Oh, that sounds fantastic... I make a mean cornbread!"

me: "(sigh of relief) Awesome... and by the way, I want it all for under $25/head..."

DM: "This is your day, you tell me what you want, and I will make it happen... within your budget!"

me: "WAHOOO!!!" (I think that was meant to be in my head, but I am pretty sure DM heard it all!!)

So, DonnaMarie from Fernie Fine Foods is making it happen for us. She is fun, honest, sincere, and best of all, completely ego-free. This is not her show, this is our wedding. She knows that whatever we decide in terms of menu, her food will be amazing... so she doesn't need to write the script for how the food will look! I trust her whole-heartedly, and in the see of difficult vendors we have come across, she is truly a breath of fresh air. For all you BC brides, definitely check out Donna Marie and Fernie Fine Foods Catering!!

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