Thursday, February 26, 2009

Save-the-date... yes, that means the date is BOOKED!!

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So, normally I would not be offended if someone was unable to attend a party I was throwing (yes, even my wedding), if they had prior engagements... it happens right?? BUT, I am mildly concerned about those friends who get engaged AFTER us, and decide to plan their wedding on the EXACT same day as us... even after I have cordially invited them to 'save the date'?!?! Really? Are you serious? This isn't exactly Bride Wars, but I am finding myself quite put-off. This is someone with whom I share professional and personal niceties, and as of late, who has regularly come to me for relationship advice... more specifically... proposal advice. This is someone who requested my assistance/guidance in finding the ring, asking the parents for permission, the proposal date, and now, wedding planning. So I find it difficult to understand how he has missed the purpose of the save-the-date. It's not that I am offended that they are choosing the same date, I am truly disappointed that they will not be able to celebrate with US on our wedding day... yes, it's disappointment.
I know it is not my place, and I need to understand that everyone has their own life/priorities, but is it totally inappropriate to be baffled by this? This is a friend who has shared the most intimate of the ups/downs of my relationship, and vice versa (goes with the territory... office mate!), and we are both taking on very new roles that we have needed support with over the past months... growing pains to say the least! Has anyone else had their own version of Bride Wars?? Who are you most disappointed about not attending your wedding?

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